10 Stunning Nail Designs For 2016 Your Clients Will Love

10 stunning nail designs for 2016 your clients will love

With all the New Year’s resolutions, people are looking to re-invent themselves. You can help your clients at least re-invent their nails. Here are 10 stunning nail designs that your clients will love.


Glitter is everywhere! While glitter-beards are probably pushing it, your clients will love these glitter nails.

Lace has been making it into the fashion world once again. Your clients will love to add the classic elegance of lace pattern to their nails.

Classic French with a Parisian twist. Black is the central color of Parisian style. Using a black tip on a French manicure is a gorgeous detail that everyone will love.

Triangles are all in. While not everyone can have stiletto nails, anyone can be in style with triangles on your nails.

Tribal patterns are gorgeous on scarves, dresses, and nails. Your clients will love the beautiful colors and patterns on their nails.

Geometric designs are all but square when it comes to style. People will love the minimalist simplicity of these designs.

Matte nail designs have become super popular over the year. Here are a few ways to make this understated technique fabulous.

It is full on sweater season in most of the nation. Your clients will love the designs and textures of their favorite sweater on their nails.

Half-moon designs are fantastic. These designs last stand up incredibly well to chipping. Your clients will love this long-lasting and simply stunning design.

Dots are a super easy way to add interest to a plain colored nail.

These are just a few of the awesome styles to try out this year.
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