How To Boost Your Retail Sales

How To Boost Your Retail Sales

Everyone loves getting some extra cash.

If you run a beauty salon, there are plenty of opportunities to earn more - and we aren't only talking about the services you offer.

While retail sales aren’t the primary source of your revenue, they can definitely add a little more to your bank balance - making it a great business opportunity to tap into!

Here some tips on how to boost your retail sales.

1. Believe In Yourself and the Products

    You aren't a sleazy salesman - so there is no reason you should feel like one. You clients trust you with their hair, and for good reason. No one who knows it better than you.

    If you haven’t already, study up on each product you're selling. Know the advantages and reasons to use them.  And this is important - only sell products you believe in.

    Then educate your clients about products that they need, yet may not know of.  Explain how they work, and how much healthier their hair will be by using them.

    Promote the products you're sure they will love - and in doing so you will end up recommending, not selling.

    2. Put It On Them

      There’s no better way to show someone how great they would look with a new product than to put it in their hair.  If you know it will make your client look and feel great, go right ahead.  Tell them what it is and let them know you have it for sale.

      3. Sample It Out

        Sometimes watching you use the product just isn’t enough.  People want to touch it, and see what they can do with it at home.

        Always keep samples on hand. So as your clients are about to walk out the door, you can offer them these little packets to try.

        4. Loyalty Programs

          Sometimes people need just a little incentive.  Offer a discount on the first item purchased, and a free product after 10 purchases.  Or, give them a free bonus service, like a hair treatment.

          5. Consultations

            Salons can be a calm and relaxing place for your clients.  In that way, they create an environment where you can bond with your client.

            Ask them about their life.  Do they have busy mornings?

            This will give you a good idea about their needs, and which products will work best for them. Now you can casually slip in the products that would work wonders - and viola! You've just made a sale!

            6. Go Beyond the Products

              While you're retailing out the products of your favorite brand, it's time to go a step further. Order your favorite tools in bulk and you could sell these as well.

              Most salon clients will visit an ordinary store and pick the first tool they find without knowing any better. But being a professional, you will be more aware about the latest technologies and their benefits.

              7. Create a Stunning Retail Display

                If you want to sell anything, you have to make it look irresistible. That's why an attractive display is essential for retail sales.

                If it is haphazardly arranged, there is a good chance your clients won't spare it a second glance. But if it's eye-catching, they're more likely to approach it and check out your many products even before you recommend them!

                8. Incentivize your Staff

                  And while you're at it, don't forget the most crucial aspect of retailing products - your staff! They are the ones with plenty of opportunities to converse with the many clients that walk in.

                  So you could always give them a small bonus for every sale they make or perhaps hold a monthly competition. However, remember that this isn't’ supposed to become their primary income.

                  If sales start to take over as a major portion of their income, there is no way to keep them from becoming like those dreaded used-car salesmen.

                  Check out these other tips from Mariza Nuttall in the video below: 


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