Hot and Trending: The Asymmetrical Bob Cut

Hot and Trending: The Asymmetrical Bob Cut

It's no secret that short hair is trending.

While there are many hairstyles to pick from, some are more popular than others. For example, clients are always asking for a pixie, a bob, or even a lob cut. But out of all these, it is the asymmetrical cut that has become an absolute favorite!

Hot and Trending: The Asymmetrical Bob Cut

The asymmetrical cut features hair that is longer on one end and shorter on the other. It can be created out of the pixie, bob, lob, or any other cut out there. But it stands out best with the shorter styles.

As every professional knows, such a hairstyle has its own personality and can be customized in numerous ways to flaunt those envious locks. It can also frame the face beautifully.

So out of the many options available, there is no doubt that the asymmetrical bob is one of the hottest cuts out there today.

The Secret Behind its Popularity

As many women look to break free from stereotypes, or perhaps avoid the unwanted hassle of hair management, they quickly look to the shorter cuts for rescue.

However, the pixie suits only certain faces. So since ladies don't want to be stuck looking like a young boy, many tend to opt for something slightly longer. That's where the short and long bobs have made their mark.

But even so, the popular bob cut has become a bit too standard. To add their own touch of individuality and uniqueness, the asymmetrical cut is gaining popularity. It’s edgy, quirky, and chic at the same time.

What’s to Love About It?

Well, for one, it can be customized to suit any face.

Hot and Trending: The Asymmetrical Bob Cut

It’s low maintenance. So for all those women who don't want to waste hours on end getting their hair under control - this is the ideal cut. A quick shampoo and blow dry will do the trick.

And while many say this cut suits only the straight haired, that's a flat lie. In the hands of an experienced stylist, you can accentuate those tight curls, beach waves, and more. All the while making it a lot more manageable!

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This hairstyle can also easily make the transition from a highly professional work space to the relaxing bar. So for all those women looking for a cut they don't have to worry about - this is it.

To top it off, the short cut won't grow out in the blink of an eye either. The diagonal cuts and shorter style ensure that this one is there to stay - at least for a while! 

How To Cut an Asymmetrical Bob

Any hairstylist worth their salt knows that you need to start with determining the preferred length of hair.

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This is especially important with the asymmetrical bob. A long bob can graze the shoulders, but shorter ones come to the chin at most. And with the uneven length to add to it, one side will always be longer than the rest.

Ask your client their preferred length for both sides. Once this is decided, it's time to jump in.

Step 1: Begin by finding the natural parting of the hair.
Do this by combing the hair back with minimal tension. Now push it in the front to create a natural break and - viola! You will find the natural parting of their hair.

For the asymmetrical bob, it's best to start with parting the hair more towards one side as this is how the uneven length will play out.

Step 2: Now divide the hair into sections and begin cutting them to the agreed length.
Use a small section as guide to get the length for the entire head, but remember to leave the heavier side untouched.

Step 3: Once you reach the heavier side, mark the determined length of hair.

Now hold it between your index and middle finger. Slowly angle the fingers holding the hair such that they are at a right angle to the client.

And now it's time to chop. As you let the hair go, you will realize that they formed a natural gradual angle, slowly becoming longer in the very front.

Step 4: On reaching the lighter side of the head, ensure that your fingers holding the hair in place are parallel to the client.
This will ensure uniform length.

Step 5: Always remember to cut small sections at a time, using the base sections as guide.
This prevents irregularities and mistakes, giving you an elegant result. Moreover, by constantly using the fine comb, not a single hair will be out of place.

Step 6: To prevent the distinct line of the scissor cut, remember to texture the hair towards the end.
You can add some delicate layers for a more fuller look, or perhaps use the razor for a wispy and natural finish.

Step 7: Now dry it, style it, and your client is ready to roll!


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Share Your Tips!

Each hairstylist has their own unique way of cutting those gorgeous locks. So if you have any other tips of your own, or have tried this out before, let us know how it worked out in the comments section below!