The Coolest Winter Trend to Indulge In: Scarf Mania

The Coolest Winter Trend to Indulge In: Scarf Mania

Even as the season of short shorts and refreshing tank tops becomes nothing than a distant memory, winter brings its own unique charm. Forget showing off all that skin, now it's time to indulge in some classy cold weather trends that just don't seem to die!

One of the ever-popular (and practical) trends seems to be the love of scarves - and virtually no one seems to have been able to escape this. Those gorgeous pieces of cloth are everywhere!

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This wonderful accessory goes well with just about all kinds of clothes. So it's no wonder they're one of the top trends for this winter (and every winter in the future!).

Check out this roundup of beautiful scarves of Instagram. 

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Sweater Scarves

With the hundreds of different patterns come hundreds of different options - so how can you ignore them? These incredible scarves go perfectly with any plain, boring, or even old sweater that you may have.

Moreover, they also serve to make your everyday look seem new or fresh all of a sudden. Add a scarf to that usual ensemble and suddenly you're filling in the void!

Bonus points for those incredibly well knitted creations! 

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Jacket Scarves

Any true fashionista knows the ultimate truth about scarves - they look heavenly with jackets. If you wear yours right, you're going to be the envy of every girl in town - they're either going to want to be you, or will be copying you already.

Jackets and scarves together have a magical chemistry. So whether you ace at fashion or struggle to keep up, this is one combo you just can't go wrong with!

The truth is - it all lies in the design and staging. Winter scarves come with some added volume, and their arrangements can make the world of a difference. 

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Jazzing it Up

Plain tops don't always look as great as you think they do. So just spice this up with a bright new scarf and, there - Your fashion sense just got a whole lot better!

Scarves are ideal for giving those everyday clothes a touch of newness. If you feel like you've worn something far too many times, change it up with this little addition.

Not only will this keep your look fresh and unique, but it will also boost your confidence as you stroll down the street!

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But that's not all, babies love them too, as the perfect means of keeping their little selves warm and cuddly, scarves just ends up making them look more adorable instead! 

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Color Choice

And while we're at it, just look at how stunning even the simplest of black tops looks with the right scarf:

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If this doesn't give you added swag, I don't know what does! The trick is to choose a scarf that stands out, taking the attention away from your regular clothes.

So unless you're walking around in a jacket that you want everyone to notice - don't wear a scarf that matches it perfectly. Colors that stand out are more likely to captivate, and no one will notice you're still wearing yesterday's top!

Depending on the weather, and your style, there are plenty of different ways for throwing on this little accessory. So try out all the different knots and styles to see which suits you best. 

And the best part is, they make the easiest transition from the exhausting work-zone to chilling out at the bar next door!

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Truth Revealed: Scarves are Awesome!

So even as the scarf season is upon us, what are the benefits of this awesome invention (apart from keeping your neck toasty)?

The truth is, there are many:

- Hair Rescue: With the coming of the cold, you're also welcoming in those chilly breezes - and that spells disaster for the hair you just spent hours arranging. Well, as it turns out, that's not an issue with the trusty scarf to save the day!

- Laziness Points: Even as it makes the perfect fashion statement, this is the best way to cover up your laziness. Now, you don't need to worry about which necklace looks great or whether you just wore that top the other day - the scarf is your partner in crime!

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- Inexpensive: There are thousands of styles, patterns, and designs of scarves available, all within reasonable budget. So the next time you're ever torn between a brand new top or a brand new scarf, you know which is the more feasible option!

- Evergreen: While most trends change with each year, you know that scarves are never going out of style. This stunning invention is the best fashion accessory to invest in! 

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And while there are plenty of fashionable perks to the scarf, it comes with some practical uses as well. For example, you could always fashion a sling out of it if the need strikes!

Share Your Favorites

So there you have it, there is no doubt that this is one of the most popular trends of winter. Do you use one regularly, if so, what styles are your favorites?

If you have any incredible scarf-tips to share with us, do let us know in the comments section below; we can't wait to hear your story!