7 Tips To Master Razor Cutting

7 Tips To Master Razor Cutting

As those long locks come back into fashion, razor cutting is making a comeback as well.

This unique technique slices the hair, producing a wispy look at the end. Ideal for thick, straight hair, it can also be perfect for those curls (despite all the negative rumors).

So unlike those distinct layers, this ensures a flowy, lucid appearance. However, even though it seems like an easy enough technique, it can spell disaster if you aren't adept with the instrument.

After all, razor cutting is an art in itself and requires dedication to master.

So here are some tips to get you started.

1. Practice Makes Perfect

Before reaching for your client's hair, search for a willing guinea pig.

Beg, blackmail, or bribe if you can't get a dummy to practice on - this will ensure that you don't have unthinkable curses hurdled your way.

Razor cutting isn't as easy as it looks and requires plenty of rehearsals before you can go on for the final show. So keep at it until you perfect the technique, and soon it will be a piece of cake.

2. Razor Cutting: The Perfect Tools

The secret of the business lies in the tools. It's important that you really connect with your razor before you begin working it professionally. Your tool should feel like an extension of yourself, moving perfectly without much thought.

If this isn't happening yet, it's time to go back to the drawing board. Practice a while longer, and experiment with different designs until you're finally holding your soulmate in your hands!

3. Wet it Up!

It doesn't matter if you've seen this somewhere - it's never okay to razor dry hair. This can lead to microscopic damage which will become more evident as the hair grows out.

With an increase in split ends and other problems, you're likely to never see that client return! Instead, remember to condition the wet hair before you get started. This allows for an increased slide in the razor, ensuring a smooth and flawless end result.

4. Consistency in the Cut

It's best to be in motion even before the razor hits the hair. This way, that blade will give an even texture throughout. So get those different hand movements down pat and remember to get your wrist into action before you begin the process.

5. Chop Chop!

While that single razor can give you a good ten to fifteen hair cuts, only the first two will be great. After that, you will notice that the finish isn't perfect and the ends aren't smooth. To prevent this, remember to switch blades after every two cuts.

And in case you worked with a lot of hair that one time around, get a new blade for the next cut itself. Since the replacements aren't expensive and come in packs of 10 (or more), you really have no excuse for being caught with a dull blade!

7 Tips To Master Razor Cutting

6. Safety First

A sharp razor is a dangerous tool.

So while many see the lack of a guard as the sign of a professional, there is no need to show off. In fact, there are many experts out there who wouldn't dream about cutting without a guard either, so why take the risk? Instead, respect the razor and put safety before everything else!

7. Angles Matter

The razor can give you numerous stylish looks while allowing those layers to blend in together. Since each different angle can lead to different effects, razor cutting is an exciting practice.

All you need to do is understand the blade completely, and the various angles will come to you as second nature. Even as you practice the styles and techniques, the blade itself teaches you more than you realize. So let the tool be the teacher, and you'll be creating flawless hairstyles in no time!

And while all these techniques seem to work wonders on straight hair, remember that it's great for curly hair as well. While it will require some added maintenance - when does it not?

Instead, in the hands of an expert, this hair can be styled uniquely for best results. Even as the blade gives it added volume, this isn't necessarily a bad thing, so use it to your advantage.

7 tips to master Razor Cutting

Moreover, the razor becomes a wonderful accessory in any hair cut. Therefore, even if it isn't the star, it can be used to blend those layers together.

And in the case of curls - it gives rise to that mesmerizing intertwining of the locks that scissors just don't get!

So if you haven't tried it already, give this a whirl, and be sure to remember all the tips and tricks listed above.

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