Top 15 Fresh Hairstyles For Spring

Reflect the Season.

The weather is warming up, and the birds are chirping away - no need to hide under a pile of jackets anymore. As spring comes around, it's time to make it count.

New seasons are for new beginnings, and this one is no different!

Since nature is gearing up to get a makeover, why should you be left behind? To get you all hopped up on inspiration, here are some of the best Instagram hairstyles for every head.


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If you're going for a new look, why not try something completely different? Short hair can be a refreshing start to this wonderful season as you finally wave goodbye to those chilly winter months.


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A simple bob can go a long way in this season of makeovers. It’s elegant and graceful while being exciting and adventurous, so flaunt your new style with grace!


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If short hair is too drastic, why not give it an added bounce and some mesmerizing highlights instead? This is sure to make heads turn!


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The work of a true artist, here you can capture the beauty of spring on your own head! If you think you can pull off those gorgeous hues, this is definitely worth a try!


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Reinvent yourself by giving a little 'spring' to your head. With that happy bounce in your hair and a few highlights, your locks will look more luscious than ever before!


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Here is one that definitely captures the essence of the season. While it's advisable to not keep it going for a few months, a day can't hurt. As some of those special occasions roll around, it’s a great way to enjoy spring to the fullest!


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It's that time of year when love is in the 'hair,' so why not give yourself a little of that magic with these beautiful sunset hues? Couple that with a simple hairstyle and there could be nothing more entrancing!


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Ombre is one of the most popular nail trends today, and it looks just as great on hair! If you were considering some new colors to indulge in, this may be the way to go.


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This is another variation of the ombre. With the gradient being much higher along, it gives the hair an added bounce in the process. The shading ensures that it looks stunning in the most natural way possible.


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It's time to 'spring' it - so couple that ombre shading with curls and you're already acing the season! The bounce represents renewed life, and the shading makes the hair come alive.


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This is a little DIY that would suit hair of all lengths. With a half-up braid to make your day, it’s a two-minute hairstyle every girl should know.


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This beautiful style will work for a day - but don't keep it too long or your head will be a mess. With the perfect arrangement of flowers and curls, it’s a great way to commemorate a special day.


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If you’re looking to win at spring with little or no effort, here is another idea to keep in mind. This simple hairstyle gives you beauty and elegance during this happy season!


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If you'd like to do your hair up, try a double dutch braid intertwined with some beautiful flowers to give you some inspiration. It looks marvelous on all shades!


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A fishtail braid can give your head a much-needed makeover. Done off the side of the head, you could also make it like a hairband or more - the possibilities are endless!

As spring finally rolls in, get prepared to reinvent your hair! From haircuts to highlights - there is so much to try in only one season.

Do you have a favorite Spring hairstyle? Have you tried any of the ones mentioned above?

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