10 Great Nail Ideas For Spring

Feel pretty, without spending a mint.

Buying new clothes is expensive. Getting a new haircut requires a lot of thought. But there is another way to freshen up your look for spring.

A beautiful manicure can leave you feeling rejuvenated. As you flaunt those gorgeous new nails, suddenly you’re on top of the world. And what’s more, it won’t break your bank!

As spring comes around, let’s go with the season and keep those nails as happy as the blossoming flowers themselves.

If you’re not sure where to start, here’s a little Instagram inspiration to get you going.

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These delicate pastel colors seal the deal for spring.

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This pink and white combination is a modification on the ombre style. Perfected with the small gold flecks, this is one spring nail style to die for!

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Another twist on the popular ombre style, the range of colors are used to create a spectrum upon the nails. It is one of the best ways of bringing the season to life on that tiny surface!

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Pearls are a hot trend in fashion right now, and gorgeous floral decals finish the look.

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Spring is the season of colors, but sometimes white is all you need to capture its true essence. These adorable designs furnish just the right amount of glitz!

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If you prefer the vibrant and upbeat colors of the season, this is your look.

A photo posted by ??Gossip Nails?? (@gossipnails) on

Long nails, simple styles. With a solid pink coat on all of the nails, only two are decorated with delicate 3D floral patterns.

A photo posted by OMG NAILS & SPA! (@omgnailsandspa) on

The magic of spring comes through in this bright blue background and red floral pattern. The intricate design and contrasting colors give your nails that added ‘pop!’

A photo posted by ネイルサロン ベルビアンカ (@bellbianca_nail) on

Simple but elegant, with bright colors and just the right amount of sparkle, this is spring amplified!

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Who knew that an intricate white decal could capture the colorful wonders of spring?

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With the right stamp, a little bit of imagination, and the perfect nail paints, you get a touch of romance.

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Vibrant colors and decals offer yet another way to celebrate spring.

You have the inspiration, so go grab some nail paint, decals, or even some scotch tape to create your own unique springtime styles.

With each great new idea, that client line is growing a little longer!

What other ideas are you trying for spring? Tell us in the comments below!