Top Spring Styles: Florals and Colors

Spring is around the corner, and with vibrant colors in bloom everywhere, this season calls for a makeover. As the world wakes up from that long winter nap, even the old fashions require a fresh start!

In keeping with the trend of the times, spring styles are usually more colorful than the rest. Ditching those wintry grays, these call for a full celebration of the color palate.

While there are plenty of styles making the rounds, some stand out above the rest. One such trend is that of colorful clothes representing the season of beauty.

These colorful patterns are perfect for spring time, so in this edition of Salon Beat, we’re checking out Instagram's love for these happy hues. As any fashion expert will tell you: the secret lies in standing out with style. So give it a shot with some of the best in springtime clothes!

1. Floral Dresses:

As the weather warms up, you can finally get away with flaunting your gorgeous legs - and how better to do it than with some stunning dresses!

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Floral dresses capture the essence of spring. They can be short or long, depending on your preference (and the temperature outside).

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Nail spring styles with the perfect accessory for the season - a floral dress!

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You can also go for the body-con variety and show off your beautiful figure, or try out the loose-fitting one for a more ethereal appeal.

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And even as you're indulging in all these stunning dresses, don't forget the perfect flowery creation to make heads turn!

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2. Colorful Dresses:

If floral clearly isn't your style, the right combination of colors can do the trick.

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No one can resist the allure of those incredible shades as they perfectly compliment the season of plenty. So here is spring in a dress without an overload of flowers!

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3. Adorable Shorts:

But if you really aren't a dressy girl, shorts can make your day - after all, dresses aren't for everyone. So if the temperature is accommodating enough, these can look adorable and chic at the same time.

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There is never a lack of styles and designs when it comes to these beautiful garments.

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Shorts are the perfect reminder that winter is finally over, and it's time for a new season to make its debut. So as the weather heats up, and the outside becomes more and more pleasant, these have a tendency to take over.

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Here you can see how these adorable little creations can make your day a lot more enjoyable. Available in an endless array of styles, you will never run out of options to pick from!

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4. Floral Leggings:

    Spring is notorious for its bursts of cold winds that will put all those shorts and dresses right back into the closet. For all these times, a beautiful pair of leggings will come in handy.

    These can keep you warm, even as you indulge in the shades of the season.

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    Fashionistas know that while these are undoubtedly among the most fashionable creations, they are a logical option as well.

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    Warm and comfortable, who could say no to these on a chilly spring morning? They are ideal for the warmer days as well, so long as you find one made of breathable fabric - and heaven knows, there are plenty of those out there!

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    Colorful leggings will ensure that you stand out in a crowd of conformity. The beautiful designs combined with a solid colored top become an effortless show-stopper.

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    The best part about these floral leggings is that they make for some incredible photo opportunities - just check out those Instagram images! If you're planning on starting your own fashion blog, you know what to wear.

    A fashion tip to keep in mind: always pair up those intricate designs with solid colors (unless it's a dress and you have no choice), otherwise you'll end up looking like a patchwork quilt!

    So take a hint from Instagram's finest, and don't be left behind when it comes to these stunning spring styles!

    Let us know what you think in the comments below. We're looking forward to hearing from you soon!