Spring’s Top Trends in Color

spring's top trends in color

How better to celebrate the season of flowers than with some glorious hair hues?

Spring 2016 is going to be a season of colors in more ways than one!

Let your colors show! Here are some stunning shades that are going to be in demand among your clients this spring.


With A-listers like Jennifer Lopez, Cara Delevingne, and many more adopting this trend, this is one shade you just can’t go wrong with.

It combines brunette and blonde to create a beautiful pattern of natural-looking hues, and gives the hair an added bounce.


This french trend uses the feather method and a mixture of colors for natural looking highlights that seamlessly blend in with the hair.

The delicate transition ensures that the coloring looks realistic, while the different hues give volume and dimension to the hair.

Pink and Purple Pastels

Pastel shades of pink and purple are growing more popular every day. With numerous variations, it’s a great way for people to express their individuality, and perhaps the best way to commemorate the stunning season of colors!

Green Hues

For those who love color, here’s some more great news: green and blue shades are trending as well!

These will give your clients something unique to try, for each color can be varied, mixed, and altered to offer a strikingly different shade.

Color Melting (Ombre)

While ombre is a technique that makes the top of the hair darker than the bottom, color melting will help ensure that the transition looks totally natural.

With the upcoming season of hues, this is one style you have to master.

Strawberry Blonde

Blonde with a tinge of red; this hair color is elegant and classy. Both Blake Lively and Rachel McAdams rocked this gorgeous hue -- meaning it’s something your clients are going to want too!

Ideal for working women who love to experiment, it comes in a range of shades to suit a variety of skin tones.

Tanned Blonde

While the lighter blonde shades were all the rage in years past, spring 2016 sees the increase in demand for its darker counterpart.

You heard it here first: tanned blonde is all set to make a comeback. Perfect for the beach-lover at heart, the varied shades will give the hair a fuller appearance.

Bright Brown

While lighter colors run the risk of giving rise to a washed out appearance - especially if that skin tone doesn’t match - darker locks work for just about everyone!

It’s no wonder that bright brown is already very much in demand. This color makes the hair look alive and healthy with its lustrous shine.

Opaque Ink

Ink black hair can be the perfect frame for any face. The stark contrast between the hair and the skin accentuates the features, giving your client a beautiful, radiant glow.

It is a great way to take a few years off the face without any pesky needles!

Buttery Blonde

The buttery blonde is ideal for those with a lighter, rosier skin tone.

It’s elegant yet exciting, giving your clients a vibrant and youthful appearance!

What hair color trends are your clients asking for this spring? Share your ideas in the comments below!