How To Eliminate Drama From Your Salon

how to eliminate drama from your salon

That relaxing salon ambiance doesn’t come as easily as it seems.

Beyond that peaceful exterior, the daily dramas mean every salon is always on the brink of a chaotic outbreak. This is usually contained by some skillful management, and a few tricks.

With employees working in close cooperation and a barrage of clients walking through the doors all the time, salons include the perfect atmosphere for some all-out drama.

If you want to exude that restful ambiance and encourage clients to de-stress, here are some steps to take.

1. Set Out Some Ground Rules

Chaos is usually a by-product of lax or inadequate rules.

So the first thing you need to do:

Let your employees know just what their responsibilities are. While it’s important for them to work as a team, bossing one another around can lead to an ego-tussle.

Start with setting out some basic rules to kill the drama before it begins!

2. Manage the Confusion at the Desk 

No matter what salon you walk into, most of the drama tends to be focused around the reception area - and for obvious reasons. That area has a lot going on.

From new clients to appointment seekers on the phone to complaints and ensuring that the check-out queue moves along smoothly, receptionists handle everything at once!

To ease the burden, hire enough receptionists for the amount of business you’re getting.

Also, invest in some good software to ease the workload.

With good payment software, that check-out queue is bound to move along without a hitch. Meanwhile, solid scheduling software will help your team manage work more effectively.

3. Improve Communication

Imagine booking all the appointments and being prepared for the day, only to find out last-minute that one of your stylists won’t be coming in.

Not only will you have to cancel all of that employee’s appointments, but god forbid one of their clients has already showed up!

Eliminate the problem by improving communication, using group chat software. With this, your troops will stay connected and be able to inform everyone with just one message.

Now the receptionist will be prepared before the day begins, and the other stylists can share the load to ensure that the salon runs as smoothly as ever.

4. Team-Building for Teamwork

While all those rules are meant to keep the drama at bay, nothing can set it off like festering discontentment.

This usually arises from a lot of work pressure and not enough relaxation time. Salons are a high-stress environment -- so it’s important to give your employees a little break.

You might play games, or set up some small activities from time to time to make work more enjoyable. This is a great way to keep your staff mentally stimulated as well!

‘20 Questions’ is a great option, and you can add your own twist to it by ensuring that all the questions are related to beauty and hair stylists.

While it’s just a bit of fun, remember to do it without your clients looking on.

5. Be the Boss

There will be times when do everything right, but some employees continue to stir trouble.

When it comes to these people, don’t be afraid of taking a stand. The language of authority might be the only one they understand.

While your enterprise is a team effort, you don’t need someone who refuses to pull their load.

Give that rogue employee a warning beforehand, but if they don’t cut it out, it’s time to reclaim the salon and give them the boot. You’re the boss, so don’t keep around employees who are bringing everyone down.

Share Your Experience!

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