Top 5 Wedding Hair Mistakes To Avoid

Weddings are work

...and anyone who says different is seriously misguided.

Creating that flawless hairstyle, keeping the makeup on point, all while figuring out the accessorizing -- it’s the perfect recipe for disaster.

A lot of the details are things the wedding guests might overlook -- but not those wedding locks. They’re front and center during the entire ceremony! When they aren’t done right, the bride is sure to be disappointed -- and as her hairdresser, you’re going to get a bad name.

While hairstyling is a complex business in itself, wedding hairstyles come with a whole bunch of extra rules. As the person behind the look, it’s your job to stay on top of those rules.

To make every wedding a mesmerizing affair, here are some helpful tips:

1. Color It Natural

Weddings are stunning occasions filled with festivities and merriment. But could you imagine a bride walking out in electric blue hair?!

While shocking hair colors might be the client’s “thing,” it’s important to stay clear of them at least six months before the big day. Weddings and bright hair just don’t mix.

If your client is insistent on coloring their hair pink or blue or any other wild color, do your job as a hairdresser and gently remind them of the consequences. Natural shades just blend better.

2. Lose the Conditioner

Any hairstylist worth their salt knows that it’s important to avoid conditioner on the hair on the big day.

Remember to warn your clients of this beforehand, because you don’t want their hair to be too slippery. Silky-smooth hair means that gorgeous ‘do isn’t going to last very long.

With strands slipping out and the hairstyle falling apart, it’s a bride’s worst nightmare -- and a hairstylist’s reputation down the drain.

However, this isn’t a warning against shampooing, so remind them not to walk into the salon with a head of dirty, greasy hair that even you fear to touch!

3. Bobby Pins to the Rescue

This is the one day when a bride wants to look utterly perfect, and have every inch done up gorgeously.

So it’s no wonder that even the brides who usually wear their hair very plain will opt for a stunning patterned hairstyle instead.

When you’re in the business of creating intricate, nuanced masterpieces out of just hair, bobby pins are an absolute must.

They’re a godsend for keeping up even the most intricate of hair-dos, and you can never use too many of them!

Keep hundreds handy, because you know how quickly they disappear.

And now that the bride looks perfectly prepared, there is one thing left to ask: do those little pins hurt?

If they’ve been put on too tight, they might become more and more uncomfortable as the day wears on. Check in with the bride once you’ve completed the look, and then be sure to loosen any uncomfortable pins.

4. Over-spraying Alert!

Once the hair is as perfect as it gets, it’s time to break out that hairspray. This will keep those locks in place for the long day ahead.

It will also keep the strays out of the bride’s eyes, while taming the wildest strands into submission for the time being. Still, don’t go overboard.

While hairspray seems like it was created for brides with wild hair, too much of it can cause the hair to look blocky and stiff, resulting in some horrible photography.

Horrible pictures result in a dissatisfied bride -- and let’s face it, that could only spell trouble for your salon. So do yourself a favor and just use enough to keep those locks in place.

5. Always Insist on Trials

Imagine coming up with a unique but gorgeous ‘do that perfectly matches your client's personality - all in a short time frame!

While weddings are a lot of stress for the bride, they’re just as stressful for the stylist.

You can show the bride a thousand different hairstyles to choose from on the big day, but time probably won’t be on your side. Everything will be going on at the same time -- and it’s not a great environment for experimentation.

In that type of situation, the bride might just walk out in a hairstyle she will regret for the rest of her life. Spare yourself (and her) the frustration and insist on a trial run.

If she declines - that’s on her head. You did your part, but you can only do so much.

Share Your Experience

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