Top 10 Wedding Hairstyles

Every bride deserves an incredible hairstyle.

As the big day arrives, all the pressure is on you. While the right style will only enhance their look, a bad one can ruin it completely.

No pressure!

As wedding season approaches, here are some wonderful styles to get you inspired:

1. The Chic Bun

Use ringlets to your advantage by pulling them back into a messy bun, leaving only the front layers to frame the bride’s face.

It’s the perfect way to add a touch of playfulness to the happiest day of your client’s life!

2. Floral Waves

Wavy hair can look stunning when worked right. Pull it back lightly to give the head a textured look, and finish it off with some delicate flowers.

Since you’re using a floral arrangement, remind your client to keep a water spray handy as the day wears on.

3. The Classic ‘Do

A half-up style that leaves the remaining hair loose will frame the client’s face, perfectly complementing those strapless wedding gowns.

A word of warning though: A little puff at the top will add height, but going overboard threatens to make your customer look like Johnny Bravo. Take care!

Complete the look with some lively waves, and it couldn’t be any better.

4. The Fishtail Style

Fishtails can look absolutely stunning, so it’s no wonder that they’re going to be in high demand this wedding season.

With a braid on the side and a few strands carefully teased out of place, it’s a casual but elegant wedding look to die for.

5. The Timeless Style

This style is a great way to bring out the bride’s inner Marilyn Monroe.

Couple a side part with carefully crafted waves to create a wonderful retro look. Seal it in with hairspray to let your bride look effortlessly stunning throughout the long day.

6. Braided Beauty

Whether it’s a fishtail or otherwise, braids are in, and for good reason. They look delicate, detailed, and magical at the same time.

With a delicate little braid up front to keep that hair in place, try adding an intricate, floral bun to the hair for a charming effect.

7. Elegance Personified

Ringlets are awesome.

For all those clients with long hair, they give the locks lots of added life.

What’s more, the open, wavy styling with the perfect tiara is a great way to channel the magic of the elves.

Who wouldn’t want to look like the breathtaking Arwen on their wedding day?

8. Carefree Locks

If your client wants to keep it simple, then gently tie that long, wavy hair up with a couple of their own strands to give the head a timeless feel.

Then tease the hair in the front very loosely to give it a little more character. It’s a very simple style, and totally gorgeous.

9. Braids for Brides

Braids are an incredible outlet for your creativity.

With the various types of braids and the innumerable arrangements you can create, this is yet another braid that your brides are sure to love.

Start off with a soft braid on the side and finish it up with a beautiful rope braid. A few fresh flowers will be the icing on top of the cake, giving the entire look an ethereal charm.

10. The High Bun

The high bun is perfect classic look for brides who want to wear a veil.

As the creative genius behind the look, you can create wonders with this simple hairstyle. Try fluffing it up to add a little intricacy to the otherwise simple ‘do.

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