How To Get More Referrals

When experienced customers give your salon a thumbs up, prospective clients are more likely to give you a try.

With that in mind, it’s time to ask those loyal customers for a favor.

We’ve already given you some tips to get more customers in your chair, but referrals are by far the best way to do so.

The logic: your current clients love your service, so their friends and family will too.

Still, referral programs aren’t as easy to implement as you might think. Setting them up is a lot of work, so here are some quick tips to get you started:

1. Keep those Customers Happy

Referral programs ride on the backs of happy clients.

For any referral, you need to start off by impressing your current customers. The more they enjoy the experience at your salon, the more they’re likely to recommend it to a friend.

2. Rewards Speak for Themselves

A loyal client might mention your salon if and when the topic comes up, but a client who is being rewarded would probably bring up the topic more readily.

Whether it’s complimentary services or discounts on various treatments, all your customers are equally valuable -- so remember to give the same rewards to both new and old customers.

3. Promote Your Deals

All those offers are useless if your clients don’t know about them.

Use text, email, social media and everything else to get the word out. With technology at your fingertips, the 21st century makes it easy to promote your referral rewards.

4. Work the Word of Mouth

While rewards are a great way to spread the word, your clients won’t always be paying attention to your website, emails, or other online promotions.

To cover your bases, make a point to ask those loyal customers to spread the word when they walk into your salon.

Give them a rewards coupon for every referral, and you’ve got yourself a solid method of advertising that really works.

4. Recruit Your Team

You may know just what needs to be done, but does your team know it too?

Your employees are the people on the front lines every day, and the ones dealing with your customers -- so be sure to remind them: more referrals means more customers, and that leads to more money in employees’ pockets.

When your employees understand that referrals can boost their earnings, they’ll be more likely to join in.

6. Ready Your Customers

Recruiting loyal customers is one step. Getting through to the new ones is another.

To be sure you’re sending the right message, spell out the details of each offer in crystal-clear language.

Tell them what you want them to do (refer you to a friend, for example) and then tell them what they’ll get if that friend actually comes in.

Whether it’s a referral coupon, a visiting card, or anything else, make it as easy as possible for your customers to take that extra step to get the word out.

7. Always Say Thank You

A successful referral program is a group effort involving your team and your customers.

Every time you get a new customer as a result of a referral, or your team recruits another client into the referral program, remember to thank them for a job well done.

A simple thank you shows your customers -- and your team -- that you care, that they matter, and that you want them to keep up the good work. Of course, some people are giving you the referrals because they want the discounts or other rewards -- but it doesn’t hurt to always say “thanks!”

Share Your Experience

What is your trick to a rockin’ referral program? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.