8 Must Have Curly Hair Products

Curls are awesome -- that is, until they stop cooperating.

As a hairstylist, your clients see you as the expert on everything hair-related, so you can’t just shrug your shoulders when a client turns to you with their hair woes.

With curls, every head needs a customized solution.

Lucky for you, some miraculous products are out there -- and we’re here to tell you about them! So the next time your client turns to you with a curl problem, here are some recommendations you can pass on -- or simply indulge in yourself!

1. Nexxus ProMend Split-End Binding Curl-Defining Creme

What’s to Love?

Curly hair is all about letting those twirls bounce while at the same time staying in control. This cream will keep them defined and in place as opposed to transforming you into the usual tangled, unkempt-looking avatar.

While that’s a feat in itself, here’s the kicker: this stuff can actually mend those dreaded split ends as well!

How It’s Used

Squeeze a small dollop into your palm and rub it into wet hair for loose waves. Try scrunching it up to keep those curls intact, and voila!

Price: $5

Where to Get It


2. Softtouch 2 Diffuser

What’s to Love?

Frizz is horrible, and that’s why blow-drying curly hair is the absolute worst idea possible... or is it?

This handy little diffuser is all it takes to transform the dreaded hair dryer into curls' best friend!

How It’s Used

Simply fit the diffuser onto the hair dryer and notice as the heat dissipates across the head.

Not only will this keep the frizz in check, but will also dry the hair a lot faster and give added volume to those locks!

Price: $30

Where to Get It


3. Alterna Bamboo Kendi Oil Mist

What’s to Love?

Curly hair invariably means plenty of styling and chemical-concentrated products, none of which are hair’s best friends.

The Kendi Oil Mist revives the hair, reduces split ends, color-protects those shades, and gives the entire look a lively makeover. The best part is that there is no icky, oily residue left over either.

How It’s Used

It can be used through the day to refresh that tired hair -- just spritz it on and experience the magic!

Price: $25

Where to Get It



4. Deesse’s Elujuda FO Fluent Oil

What’s to Love?

We all know that curly hair is also comparatively drier and coarser. So here’s the solution!

Not only does this product add volume, restore the soft texture, untangle those knots, and basically bring back that head to its full glory, but it does so without adding any weight!

How It’s Used

Rub two drops (and not more) evenly into wet hair. A word of warning though: don’t try this with dry hair unless you find the oily look appealing.

That’s all it takes to detangle the hair and prepare it for styling, allowing for easy prep!

Price: $24

Where to Get It


5. Redken Curvaceous CCC Spray

What’s to Love?

With grime and pollution everywhere, hair tends to lose its natural shine and bounce -- but not anymore. This CCC spray is the quickest path to lustrous, non-frizzy hair.

For all those curly-haired ladies who want their hair game to be on point all day, this is the secret weapon!

How It’s Used

Keep it handy throughout the day and spray it on when those gorgeous locks seem to lose their luster.

Price: $22

Where to Get It


6. DevaCurl No-Poo

What’s to Love?

Shampoo is a must for everyone - or is it?

For people with dry hair, shampoo can dry it out a lot more. This cleanser works to replenish the essential nutrients, while retaining the much-needed moisture.

How It’s Used

After drenching your curls through and through, take out a sizeable amount of the No-Poo and work it thoroughly into the hair and scalp. Since the product is thick, remember to rinse it out properly or you might end up with a sticky head!

Price: $28

Where to Get It


7. Revlon Uniq One


What’s to Love?

One little spray that promises the world! It provides shine and frizz control, repairs damaged hair, prevents split ends, and adds volume to those luscious locks, among many other things.

How It’s Used

Running your fingers uninterrupted through a tangled head is no longer just a dream. A few spritzes here and there and and those curls are detangled already.

Price: $9.45

Where to Get It


8. Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Leave-In Cream

What’s to Love?

If dry hair seems like a constant problem, this leave-in cream is a must-have.

It keeps those locks hydrated and smooth, detangling the hair, and giving UV as well as color protection.

How It’s Used

Take a small amount and just rub it through wet or dry hair. Follow up with a comb to ensure even spreading, and with that, it’s done.

Now simply style those locks and see the difference!

Price: $17

Where to Get It


What’s Your Experience?

Let us know your favorite curly hair products in the comments section below!