10 Things You Wish Your Clients Knew

Getting great service at the salon is not 100 percent on you. They might not realize it, but your clients need to play their part as well.

Unfortunately, they don’t always cooperate.

We feel your pain!

So this week, we’re sharing in your woes with this list of 10 things every stylist secretly wishes they could tell their clients.

1. Some Pictures Are Too Good To Be True

Clients, you really need to know this. Because of filters, lighting, color saturation and more, many pictures are more fantasy than reality. Don’t be dejected if your stylist tells you that Instagram image can’t be recreated.

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The next time you walk in for your appointment, avoid getting carried away. Your stylist is a professional, not a magician!

2. Be Sure About Change

And here’s another thing, dear client: If you’re going for something drastic, it’s important to be downright certain before taking the leap. After all, it’s impossible to get your long locks back after they’ve been snipped into a bob.

So if you’re going to be having second thoughts, best not do it when the scissor is in your hair!

3. You are NOT a Celebrity

Celebrities have a team of experts managing their hair every single day. They can also afford all those expensive hair products the rest of the world only wishes they could have.

So the next time you wonder why your hair doesn’t look like theirs, the problem might not be in the styling after all.

4. Colors Need Commitment

Yes, colored hair looks stunning. But there’s more to it than those vibrant hues.

Lighter colors are as beautiful as they are fleeting -- so don’t be surprised if those bright shades have faded after just five washes.

Coloring will usually require a touch up at least once a month, making it a huge commitment with respect to time and money. So please, dear customer, be prepared before taking the leap.

5. Split Ends Aren’t All Bad

If you love your naturally messy, long hair, then many hairstylists believe it’s alright to make do with a few split ends. Just don’t let it get too far, and take care of those locks.

For goodness’ sake, oil the ends regularly, and maybe even indulge in a hair mask every now and then.

This way, instead of coming in for a cut every few weeks, you can book an appointment once in a couple of months.

6. Consultations Are Awesome

And clients, here is something else: you may have a thousand ideas for your new look, but only your hairstylist knows how feasible they are.

So instead of being bummed out during your appointment, ask for a consult beforehand -- they’re usually free and go a long way toward preventing hair heartache.

Plus, your stylist would be more than happy to help you out!

7. Bring Multiple Pictures

While Instagram images might set unrealistic expectations, it’s still a great idea to carry multiple photographs of your desired look.

After all, a picture is worth a thousand words -- and it’s also a lot clearer!

Doing this will let your stylist know exactly what you want, and you can discuss what is and isn’t possible to achieve before the scissors come out.

8. Punctuality Puts You on the ‘Good’ List

Lovely clients, sometimes you seem to forget, but stylists get a major chunk of their income through per-client bonuses, or they pay a rental fee for their booth.

Either way, each appointment helps build up their salary, and your coming late messes up the entire schedule.

To top it off, your late-entry isn’t just hurting the earnings -- it’s also compromising the quality of your service because there’s simply less time to do the job.

9. Micromanaging is Annoying

If you want to get on a stylist’s nerves, micromanaging is the way to do it.

A constant commentary on how you think they should be doing their job is enough to make anyone walk away. After all, they’re the experts here, not you.

If you do feel they’re going wrong somewhere, stop them and voice your concern politely:

“I think you’re cutting my hair a little too short” should suffice.

Any professional will be more than happy to work around their mistake or assuage your fears -- after all, it’s all about pleasing the client in the end!

10. Speak Up

And here’s one last thing, dear client: While it’s best not to keep up a constant critique, the sooner you speak up about something you dislike, the better it will be.

Just a simple, ‘that color doesn’t seem bright enough’ or even, ‘I would prefer more layers’ is enough to set your stylist on the right path.

They might even throw in a free touch-up session in a few weeks time if need be!

What’s Your Experience?

As a stylist, what are your pet peeves in the salon? Tell us all about it in the comments section below!