3 Quick Tips To Get More Clients To Your Spa This Summer

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Everyone has big plans for the summer.  What about for your spa?

People are outdoors, enjoying the summer.  It's the perfect time to grow your clientele.

Here are 3 quick tips to get more clients for your spa this summer.

Summer fun spa package

1. Exciting Summer Packages

While routines get many people through the winter, summer is the time to try things that are fresh and unfamiliar.  Of course, whether it's ordering at a favorite restaurant, or trying a new service at a spa, it's hard to choose the new thing over the tried-and-true.

So why not your clients a chance to try something new, while also enjoying their favorite service?

Enter summer packages.  This is a perfect opportunity to pair your most popular services with some of your newer offerings, ones that haven't had time to catch on yet.

Combine several services into one package, at a price that is irresistible to your ideal client, and you can increase your revenue in two ways:

  • The client who tries a new service might become a big fan.  She might return more often or combine both services in the same visit going forward.  Either way, you sell more services.
  • Attract new clients with an intriguing package.  See below.
2. Harness The Staycation

"Staycation" became a popular term after the 2007-2008 financial crisis, but after the economy largely recovered, the concept of the staycation remained.

Whether from thrift or simply a renewed appreciation for home, many Americans seem to be happy spending more of their summer days within driving distance of home, with one twist.  

They want to have "vacation" experiences in their hometown.  That's good news for spas, of course.

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So how do you attract the "staycationer?"  Here are a few quick ideas. 

  • Offer services and packages tailored to the client who wants the experience of a vacation without leaving town.  See above.
  • Bring-a-friend packages.  Offer your regular clients a good deal for two people, or even a girls' spa day.
  • Advertise wherever you connect with your audience.  These ads practically write themselves:
    • "Why wait for your next trip?  Your vacation is just down the street."  Okay, maybe it needs a little work, but you get the idea.
3. Selfie Station!

Yes, that's right.  A selfie station.

What gets shared more than anything, besides adorable cats, online?  Selfies of course.

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So why not let your clients do your advertising for you.  Just provide an area with a nice background, perhaps some fun props and a selfie stick, and an incentive to share their selfies and tag your spa.

What's Next?

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