Guide To Pedicure Benches

Guide To Pedicure Benches / How To Buy Pedicure Benches

What You Need To Know When Choosing A Pedicure Chair

If you're reading this now, you probably have some idea of what you need.  You know you need a bench that hooks up to plumbing. 

If that's not what you need, we have a quick quiz that will help you choose a solution that's right for you.  Just click here to take the Pedicure Selection Quiz.

We'll guide you the rest of the way, and provide all the information you'll need.

Standing Out From The Crowd

Some salon owners are choosing pedicure benches to give their space a more intimate feeling.

With a bench, your pedicure spa can feel more like a piece of furniture in a room than the traditional pedicure chair.

Pedicure Benches

Pedicure benches have the same bowls and plumbing as a pedicure chair, except the seat looks like it's built-in to your salon. 

One thing to note is that unlike pedicure chairs, benches do not have built-in back massage functionality.

How Do You Choose?

Now you're probably wondering - with so many to choose from, how can you find the pedicure spa that's right for your salon?

We're here to make it easy for you.

Our Recommended Pedicure Bench

Some pedicure spas are best sellers for a good reason.  This pedicure bench is our top seller by 10 to 1 over the next best seller.  It's the ANS Artelli Spa Pedicure Bench W/ Glass Bowl.

Best Pedicure Bench - ANS Artelli Spa Pedicure Bench W/ Glass Bowl

We recommend this one bench above all others.

Click below to find out why.

Pedicure Bench Info

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