Guide To Pedicure Chairs With Glass Bowls

How To Buy Pedicure Chairs With Glass Bowls

What You Need To Know When Choosing A Pedicure Chair - Recommendation Below

If you're reading this now, you probably have some idea of what you need.  You know you need a chair that hooks up to plumbing, and you like the look of a glass bowl. 

If that's not what you need, we have a quick quiz that will help you choose a solution that's right for you.  Just click here to take the Pedicure Selection Quiz.

We'll guide you the rest of the way, and provide all the information you'll need.


For pedicure chairs that hook up to plumbing, you will need a plumber to run hot and cold water lines and a drain to each chair.

Built-In Back Massage

Most pedicure chairs have a built-in back massage that your clients will find sublimely relaxing.  This is one benefit of choosing an actual chair, as pedicure benches do not have massage functions.

Not all massage systems are created equal.

Options range from vibration-only, to rolling massage, to fully adjustable shiatsu massage which simulates a hands-on massage, complete with rolling, kneading, tapping and knocking.

We will only recommend pedicure chairs with full shiatsu massage features.

Beautiful Glass Bowls

Pedicure chairs with glass bowls can give your salon a sparkle where there would be just a boring square tub.

The glass is chemical resistant, durable, and resistant to breaks or cracks.  Though they shouldn't need to, clients can stand in the bowl without fear of breaking it. 

Armrests for all of our recommended chairs will swing up for your clients to sit down easily.

Pedicure Chair With Glass Bowl

Though none of our customers have ever cracked a glass bowl, you should use caution with stones, as a heavy stone could cause a crack.  Small stones and nail polish bottles shouldn't be an issue.

Our Recommended Chair

The J&A Cleo GX Pedicure Chair is our Best Selling and Top Recommended pedicure chair with a glass bowl.

J&A Cleo GX Pedicure Chair - Our Highest Recommendation

Click below to find out why it gets our customers' top recommendation.

 Recommended Pedicure Chair Info - J&A Cleo GX See J&A Cleo GX Pedicure Chair Pricing

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