Made In America Pedicure Chairs

High Quality Made In America Pedicure Chairs

Land of the free, home of the brave...

Makers of the best pedicure chairs.

That’s right - the highest quality, best pedicure chairs are Made In America.

Many of the cheap, no-name pedicure chairs you see are made in China or Vietnam, among other places.

You’ve Heard The Stories

Your pedicure chair broke and now it’s been sitting empty for months.

You can’t find parts because it was built overseas and distributors in the USA don’t carry the parts.

Instead of running your business and serving your clients -

Now you’re spending your time calling dealers and looking on Craigslist for used parts.

After weeks of searching, you finally get the part installed.  Finally, your chair (and nail tech) are working again.

But a few weeks later another part breaks.

Now you’re fed up.  You can’t deal with that again, so you decide to just get a new pedicure chair, a better one this time.

One that won’t be so much hassle.

Made In America Pedicure Chair Means Less Hassle

Reputable companies in the USA have a higher standard of craftsmanship.

They use higher quality parts, and take time to assemble them correctly.  

If you choose a quality American pedicure chair -

Your chair will have fewer issues.  

And if you do have any problems your chair will be back in business in no time, because they always keep parts in stock.

Plus, your pedicure chair will last longer.  

On average, pedi chairs last 3-4 years, depending on use.  High quality, made in America chairs often last 5-7 years or more.

Service Is Just As Important

What if you need help setting up your pedicure chair or installing that replacement part?

You need the manufacturer to be available and easy to work with.  

Click below to find out how to choose one that won’t flake out on you.

Easy service - pedicure chair customer service