Standard Options For Pedicure Chairs

Standard Options For Pedicure Chairs

Most pedicure chairs are available with the same options.  

Depending on your situation, you might have to have some of them, while others will simply make your life easier.

Let’s look at the most common options.

Discharge Pump (Drain Pump):

If you don’t have a floor drain where your pedicure chair sits, you will need a discharge pump.  Otherwise the bowl might not drain.

Pedicure spas are always made to order, and discharge pumps are factory installed.  

Questions on discharge pumps? Click here for more details.

Magnetic Jet:

If you use plastic liners, you will need a magnetic jet.  

If you don’t use liners, you don’t need a magnetic jet.

Basically, if you put a liner over a normal jet and fill the bowl with water, the jet won’t work.  So, they designed magnetic jets that go on over the liner, allowing a fully functioning whirlpool with plastic liners.

For more info on magnetic jets, click here.

Extra Jet:

Don’t make your clients wait for you.

All modern jets are easy to clean, but they need to be soaked in disinfectant.  If you have clients scheduled, they will have to wait until it’s been sanitized.

If you have an extra jet, you can let one soak while you’re using the other one.  Then you just swap the dirty jet for the clean one when your client is done.

(Regular jets and magnetic jets are both cleaned exactly the same way.)

Auto Fill:

If you’re busy, this option is perfect for you.  

Just turn the water on and walk away.  Auto Fill will turn the water off when the bowl is full.

This option is often not available with a magnetic jet. Click here for more info.

What's Next?

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