Shipping Your Pedicure Chair

Shipping Your Pedicure Chair

You might have a lot of questions about getting your pedicure chair.  

No worries - we’re here to make it simple!

Here’s everything you need to know about shipping pedicure chairs.

Freight Shipping To Your Salon

Your pedicure chair will be made to order, then shipped directly from the manufacturer to you.

(Click here to learn how the assembly process works and how long it takes.)

Your pedicure chair can weigh up to 200 lbs, and is sometimes shipped in 2 or more boxes, depending on the manufacturer.  

Free Shipping Pedicure Chair To You

For that reason, it’ll be shipped on a big freight truck, not the normal UPS truck.

Shipping takes anywhere from 4-8 business days, depending on your location.

Delivery Appointment - Freight Company Will Call You

Don’t worry, the freight company won’t surprise you!

When your shipment gets to your local area, the freight company will call you to schedule your delivery.

You will get to choose the delivery time.

Curbside Delivery

Our free shipping is considered curbside delivery.  That means the freight company will deliver your chair to your curb or front door.  You might need some help bringing it inside.

Receiving Instructions

We make sure your pedicure chair is delivered in working order.  Since we won’t be there to inspect your delivery, you’ll need look over it carefully before signing the delivery slip.

We’ll email you the instructions - what to look for, and what to do if you see shipping damage.  It’s very important that you follow them.

If you don’t follow the instructions and there is damage, you will be responsible for for any costs associated with it.

I’ll be completely honest and transparent with you.

We have had orders that were damaged in shipping.  But every single one has been covered by insurance.

We’ll Keep You Up To Date

You can just forget about it.  We’ll make sure your order is moving along smoothly, and we’ll keep you up to date.


We’re happy to help any way we can.  If you have any questions about pedicure chairs, just call us at 1-888-454-ARIA (2742).