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7 Must-Haves for the Straight Haired Lady

Long, luscious, board-straight hair is in -- but that tangle-free boon of straight hair has its downsides as well. As a hairstylist, you’ve probably tackled straight hair’s many challenges at least a time or two. But since every head requires a different solution, providing just the right answer can still be a challenge. Fortunately, there are some incredible products out there that are sure to bail you out when the next customer turns to you with the inevitable question, ‘What do I do?’ 1. John Masters Organic Sea Mist with Lavender What’s to Love? An organic way to give your hair a... Continue reading

8 Must Have Curly Hair Products

Curls are awesome -- that is, until they stop cooperating. As a hairstylist, your clients see you as the expert on everything hair-related, so you can’t just shrug your shoulders when a client turns to you with their hair woes. With curls, every head needs a customized solution. Lucky for you, some miraculous products are out there -- and we’re here to tell you about them! So the next time your client turns to you with a curl problem, here are some recommendations you can pass on -- or simply indulge in yourself! 1. Nexxus ProMend Split-End Binding Curl-Defining Creme What’s to Love? Cur... Continue reading