What Is Auto Fill For Pedicure Chairs? And Will It Work With Disposable Liners?

What Is Auto Fill For Pedicure Chairs? And Will It Work With Disposable Liners?

Auto Fill is a popular option for pedicure chairs.

But what exactly does it do, and do you need it?

Auto Fill does basically what it sounds like.  It will automatically fill the pedi spa bowl with water and stop it at just the right level.

Think of it like overflow protection.

With Auto Fill, you can turn the water on and walk away.  

While you’re talking to a client, you won’t have to worry about remembering to turn the water off.  Just forget about it.

Sounds great, but is there a catch?  Yes, if you use disposable liners.

Pedicure Chair Disposable Liner

Because if you put a liner in the bowl, you’ll cover up the sensor.  With the sensor covered up, it won’t be able to tell when to turn the water off, and you’ll have water on the floor.  

Nobody wants that.

That’s why with most pedicure chairs you can choose EITHER Auto Fill OR a magnetic jet - not both.

Click here to find out what a magnetic jet is, and why you would use them.

A Few Pedicure Chairs Have Both Auto Fill & Magnetic Jets

There’s a new technology that some of the pedicure spa manufacturers have started adopting, which combines Auto Fill with a magnetic jet.

Basically, since the magnetic jet is going on top of the liner, manufacturers added a water sensor to the magnetic jet.  That way, both the jet and auto fill sensor work with liners.

This is a fairly new technology however, and some of the top brands don't feel comfortable using it until it has been proven.  If you want to know if this technology is available for the chair you like, feel free to ask.

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