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  • No Plumbing, No Installation, No Hassle

    Buy A Simplicity Pedicure Chair And Get These FREE Gifts:

    • FREE Standard Technician Chair - $170 Value
    • FREE Towel Warmer Mini - $189 Value

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    Need a high-quality pedicure chair, but don't have access to plumbing?

    • What if you want to provide a high-end service in a historic building?
    • What if you want to add nail service to your current spa or salon but don't want to tear up the floors to add plumbing?

    Want a no plumbing chair that doesn't look like a shoeshine stand?

    Here's the good news - Continuum has created a high-end, luxury pedicure chair just for you.

    Simplicity No Plumbing Pedicure Chair

    It's crafted with the same attention to detail as Continuum's fully plumbed chairs, but it has a tub that you fill at your sink.  No plumbers, no leaks, no hassle.

    All Continuum Pedicure Chairs are built to last, with solid steel frames, chemical resistant Formica finishes.  Their chairs, including Simplicity, will exceed your expectations.

    Serve Clients of All Sizes

    Did you know that the industry standard weight limit is 250 pounds?  And if you serve clients who weigh more than 250 pounds in other chairs, you'll void your warranty?

    The Simplicity is the only No Plumbing Pedicure Chair with a weight limit of 350 pounds.  And we asked Continuum directly - with its steel frame, they've never had one break or bend under heavyweight.

    Easy In, Easy Out - No Hopping

    Easy for clients with limited mobility.  At 23" from seat to floor (SE Model), the Simplicity is one of the lowest spa chairs available (LE Model measures 25").  Armrests lift for easy seating.

    We've got your back.  And if you ever do have any issues with your pedicure chair, we work with Continuum to solve them quickly.  Together, we're the fastest in the industry.

    A Recent Customer Says:

    Ayn Anderson - Trés Chic Beauty Boutique & Spa, Rockledge FLWe Fell In Love
    "I purchased the Simplicity Pedicure Chair because we had an issue running plumbing in our historic building. The ordering process went very smoothly and I was very happy with the whole transaction from order to delivery. Once we received the chair we fell in love! It is beautiful and very comfortable and our clients love the fact that they have no worries about sanitation with the disposable liners. Highly recommend! 

    Continuum Simplicity No Plumbing Pedicure Chair at Trés Chic Beauty Boutique & Spa, Rockledge FL
    Ayn Anderson - Trés Chic Beauty Boutique & Spa, Rockledge FL 

    2 Simplicity Models

    The Simplicity No Plumbing Pedicure Chair comes in 2 models.  Here are the differences between them:

    • The SE (Spa Edition) - On this page
      • Massage - Gentle heat and vibration with zone control, waves, pulsation, speed, and intensity control. Found in high-end spas and resorts, as they offer separate massage services. 
      • Arms - Matching upholstery, swinging up for easy seating
      • Cupholders included, manicure trays optional
      • Optional - Tech control button for chair position
    • The LE (Luxury Edition) - Click here to see
      • Massage - Full shiatsu massage, including rolling, kneading, and tapping. It can focus on specific areas, such as the lower back.  Feels like a hands-on deep tissue massage for your client.
      • Arms - Premium molded arm, swinging up for easy seating
      • Included - Manicure trays with cup holder 
      • Included - Tech control button for chair position

    LEAD TIME: 14 - 21 days

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    Amazing Service - We want you to be happy with your order, and we're here to help with any question or concern you have. We sincerely care. 
    Warranty - We are an authorized dealer and give you the full manufacturer's warranty.
    Dedication - We will go out of our way to meet your needs. Just ask!
    Constantly Improving - We lead the industry in finding ways to serve you better!


    Easy-Lift Removable Tub

    This sturdy, lightweight and chemical resistant removable tub fills from any sink without hoses or connectors. The tub holds the perfect amount of water (1.5 gallons) at three (3) inches in depth. Comfortably fits up to a size twelve foot. Enjoy all the features and benefits of a regular pedicure spa without all the cleaning, plumbing and water consumption. Tub dimensions are 12” W x 14” L x 4.5” D.

    Disposable Tub Liners

    Make sanitation your biggest priority with the only sensible alternative to a standard pedicure throne. The Simplicity is a safe, worry-free solution to minimizing cross contamination by utilizing disposable liners in the removable tub. Spend less time cleaning and sanitizing and more time with your next client. (Liners sold 300 per box)

    Vibrating Aqua Massage + Heat

    Three (3) levels of vibrating aqua massage ensure a truly luxurious and invigorating foot soak. An additional three (3) levels of soothing heat keeps the water temperature warm throughout the entire pedicure experience. Your customer’s will love this unique and sanitary pedicure experience.

    Footrest & Adjustable Leg Support

    No more tired and sore arms from holding the clients leg up during the pedicure! Whether you are massaging the calf, working on the heel or paining toenails, the adjustable height center footpad coupled with fixed right and left pads, position the foot perfectly throughout the entire pedicure.

    Formica Finishes

    As striking as it is durable, Formica is the globally recognized leader in the laminate industry. Its wear, impact, water and chemical resistant finishes provide the Simplicity’s arch with unmatched quality and durability. Black shrouds add appeal and complete the sleek, one-of-a-kind look.


    Designed with eco-friendly materials such as recycled metal, Formica and wood, Continuum pedicure spas reduce environmental impact by using a minimal amount of plastic. Continuum is the ONLY pedicure spa company to be recommended by the National Association of Eco-Friendly Salons and Spas (NAEFSS) for our commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

    Built in the USA

    Continuum pedicure spas are designed, engineered, assembled and quality tested exclusively in the United States. All major components are produced domestically resulting in superior quality and increased longevity. When you purchase a Continuum pedicure chair you’re assured a high quality pedicure chair built to last.

    Warranty Information

    Color Options

    Continuum Simplicity Pedicure Chair Color Options

    Simplicity Options

    Cream or Black Tub

    You have the choice of a lightweight cream or black colored tub. Additional tubs are available upon request for $30.

    Manicure Trays

    Stylish manicure trays have an integrated cup holder and fold down for added convenience.

    High quality, acetone resistant finish.

    Custom Upholstery Upgrade

    Extensive selections of additional upholstery colors are available to match any décor. Continuum also provides Simplicity SE upholstery with colors or patterns supplied by the customer for a perfect match to existing or new designs.

    Custom Embroidery

    The beauty is in the details. Your salon logo can be expertly embroidered onto the LE, SE and VE headrests. This finishing touch adds elegance nd heightens brand recognition. Custom setup, digitized embroidery, superior threads and high-end software ensures quality craftsmanship. 

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