J&A Pedicure Spa Chair, EMPRESS RX


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  • On backorder until November 2021.


    • Manufactured by an industry leader, J&A, this chair is built to exceed industry standards in style and durability
    • Pre-combined color options for the fiberglass base make choosing this elegant chair easy
    • Single-hand faucet with dual-function showerhead sprayer in satin chrome finish is easy to use and great for clean-up
    • Available with optional Magnet Jet, AutoFill, Ventilation System, Discharge Pump, Liners
    • Made in the USA

    The Empress RX Pedicure Spa Chair is part of a luxury (but mid-priced) pedicure chair collection from J&A, a high-end manufacturer for the salon and spa industry. Filled with amenities found on more expensive chairs you will be pleasantly surprised how comfortable and durable the Empress collection is and how spectacular it will look in your salon or spa.

    The Empress RX Pedicure Spa Chair has a large, 22”, seat base that is constructed with animal cruelty-free Premium Ultra Leather. It is waterproof and will not crack or fade under sunlight. Engineered to withstand stains and endure lots of use, the leather is easy to clean. Your customers will appreciate the chair's softness. The fabric is available in luxurious Taupe Beige, Chocolate, Jade Green, Rosewood Red, Pearl Purple, and Black.

    The chair complements the dual-colored fiberglass base and resin pedicure bowl. Chose from the combinations of a bone-colored -base with brown trim and a gold bowl or a white base with silver trim and a black bowl. Both combinations include LED base lighting. Either will make a stunning statement in your salon, studio or spa.

    The Empress RX pedicure chair has wooden armrests finished in a satin cherry that raises and will stay raised while your customer sits. Attached to the sides of the armrests are complimentary folding manicure tables with built-in cup holders. The massage chair remote-control is placed within a conveniently located holder – at the end of the armrest. Cords stay out of the way and your client can easily control the recline and forward/backward movement of the chair along with the five Shiatsu massage options.

    The large, 4.5-gallon, resin pedicure bowl is in the shape of a flower at full bloom, whose petals fold over the bowl edge. Very elegant! This spa bowl twinkles on its own, but turn the LED lights on, and your clients will be mesmerized by the calmness that water demands – water and light therapy! The spa bowl fills with the dual-function spray/spout in satin chrome finish controlled by a single hand faucet that adjusts the hot or cold water.

    Utilizing modern pipeless technology, the Ultra Jet Whirlpool is durable and long-lasting. Upgrade to a Magnet Jet pipeless jet and you have the option of using industry-standard sanitary liners in the pedicure bowl. The three-part footrest adjusts in the middle with a press of the button for client and technician comfort.

    The Empress RX pedicure chair ships with a FREE pedicure technician stool in the color of your choice.

    Optional Upgrades Include:

    iFill Auto Fill Water Device for Pedicure Chairs

    Auto Fill: Fills the spa water basin with the press of a button to the appropriate level and will automatically shut off the water when full. The jet will begin, and the LED light will turn on. You can feel comfortable continuing work while the spa fills on its own.

    Discharge Pump for Pedicure Chairs

    Discharge Pump: If your drain is underground, it is NOT required to have a discharge pump, but if the drain goes into the wall or is above ground, you WILL NEED to request the manufacturer's pre-installed discharge pump.

    Sample of Ventilation System for Pedicure Chairs

    Ventilation System:  Built into the pedicure chair base near the client's feet, air vents are capable of connecting to a salon's ventilation system to lessen dust and odor. Check with your local municipality for regulations requiring ventilation or air extraction in your salon.

    Magnet Jet Whirlpool Jet for Pedicure Chairs

    Magnet Jet: Pipeless Whirlpool jet motor. A quiet, environmentally friendly, reliable, and powerful dual jet that permits the use of industry-standard disposable liners. Purchase additional Magnet Jets so you always have one ready for the next client.

    Pedicure Spa Liners for J&A Pedicure Chairs

    Liners: Disposable pedi-spa liners allow for easy cleaning and sanitation of your pedicure spa. Use them in conjunction with Magnet Jet Pipeless Whirlpool jet motors to provide a complete spa experience.


    Dimensions: 54"L x 29"W x 55"H
    260 lbs
    Clearance for Full Recline:
    15 inches

    Warranty: One-year parts & labor, two-years parts

    LEAD TIME: 14-21 days

    Owner's Manual

    Seat upholstery: PU Leather
    Power source: 110V / 60HZ / 15Amp with a dedicated outlet
    Electrical switches: On/Off Air Activated Switch.
    Whirlpool Pump Motor: 120 VAC 60HZ; 1.2A; 55W Single Drive with Dual Whirlpool
    Discharge Pump Motor: 110V 5.5 AMP 60HZ (optional)
    Shiatsu Massage System: 120 V, 60 Hz
    Water Fill Line Capacity: 4.5 U.S. gallons (17 Liters)
    Hot and cold water supply lines required. Half inch fittings
    Drain Connection: P-Trap Pre-installed with 1.5” PVC Pipe


    Compliance with the following Code (s): Uniform Plumbing Code, National Plumbing Code of Canada, and international Plumbing Code. Also, Compliance with the following Standard (s): ASME A112.18.3M / A112.18.1M, CSA B125, NSF / ANSI 61

    ANSI - American National Institute, ASME - American Society of Mechanical Engineers, CSA - Canadian Standard Association IAPMO - International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials, UL - Underwriters Laboratory

    All J&A USA products are in compliance with requirements for Whirlpool bath appliances contained in ASME / ANSI A122.19.7M-1995, CSA C22.2 No. 68-69.

    Upholstery Options:

    Empress RX Pedicure Chair Upholstery Options

    Base and Bowl Options:

    Empress RX Pedicure Chair Base and Bowl Options

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