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Osaki OS-3D Pro Cyber Massage Chair With Zero Gravity


FREE SHIPPING FOR 3 DAYS FOR ORDERS ABOVE $2,499.99! Use Code FREESHIP3D at Checkout. Ends Mon. 6/24/2019. Some restrictions apply.*

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    Osaki is one of the top names in massage chairs, and the OS-3D Pro Cyber takes them to whole new level.

    Deep Tissue Therapy.  The new 3D technology this chair is built upon allows the back rollers to give you a deeper massage than ever by pushing forward, up to 3.15 inches.  Of course, if you're not in the mood, or someone else in your house doesn't like such an intense massage, you can choose a normal or soft massage.

    If you have serious back pain and need a very strong massage, this is the right chair for you.

    The perfect massage, customized for you.  Before your massage starts, the OS-3D Pro Cyber scans your body with the latest 3D sensors, and maps the rollers precisely to the contours of your body.  Whatever your body type, this chair will give you the perfect massage.  The chair will also automatically adjust to fit your legs.

      Target and release your pain.  The OS-3D Pro Cyber uses its high tech sensors to target the 100 accupoints in your neck and back, which the chair will target with precision during your therapy.  This helps to release your tense muscular tissue and built-up pain.

      2 Stage Zero Gravity.  The chair will recline and set your legs in a position that NASA has shown to relieve stress on your joints and to improve circulation.  It's the ideal position for a massage.

      In the second stage, where your legs are raised above your heart, all of your weight will be transferred into the chair and you'll feel nearly weightless.  This will allow your spine to decompress and tense muscular tissue in your back will release, leaving you feeling loose and energized.

      Air Massage.  Airbags positioned around your body inflate to push and squeeze, emulating a professional therapist's hands.  The re-engineered next generation airbag technology that Osaki has integrated with the OS-3D Pro Cyber, gives you a better massage than other chairs, using fewer airbags but with a higher surface area, increasing the lifespan of the chair.

      You need a good stretch.  The chair's airbags inflate at different times to push, pull, stretch and twist your body - great for getting all those kinks out.  The chair will stretch your shoulders, lower back, hips and thighs.

      Soothe your tired feet.  After a day of walking your feet are sure to be sore.  The OS-3D Pro Cyber has 4 spinning reflexology rollers at the soles of each foot to provide a soothing kneading massage.  It can also give you a deeper therapy, stimulating acupuncture points in your feet.

      Heat Therapy.  Applied heat loosens tight muscles and allows the rollers to work more effectively.  Heat also helps you relax as you begin your massage.  2 heating pads are located in the lower back region of the chair.

      Stimulate your arms and hands.  Airbags apply compression to your arms, simulating a professional therapist.  New small rubber bumps added to this chair invigorate your senses.

      Recover with your favorite tunes.  With high quality speakers near your ears, you can enjoy your most relaxing playlist with your massage therapy.  Just plug in your smartphone or mp3 player.

      Relax with chromotherapy.  LED lights in the side of the chair will set the mood in a dark room, casting light on the surrounding walls.

      Full Body Massage.  The OS-3D Pro Cyber massages your whole body.

      Choose the right massage for your body.  The chair is programmed with six stress relieving massage styles to choose from.

      • Palm style
      • Swedish
      • Combination
      • Deep tissue
      • Kneading
      • Shiatsu

      Adjust the intensity.   The rollers and airbags have 5 levels of intensity, ranging from normal to very strong.

      Choose your speed.  The massage heads can be sped up or slowed down to your preference.  There are 5 speeds to choose from.

      Easy to use remote.  The remote has a big 5" screen to easily see what the chair is doing and adjust on the fly.

      Fits users between 5’5” and 6’ tall.

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      Recommended Max. User Weight (lbs): 265
      Power Consumption (Watts): 300
      Weight (lbs): 251
      Dimensions Upright (H" x W" x D"): 51" X 35" X 57"
      Dimensions Reclined (H" x W" x D"): 37" x 35" x 73"
      Warranty (parts & labor/parts/frame): 1 yr/2yr/3yr (90 days on music system)
      # Motors: 7

      Osaki provides a 3 year "Rock Solid" warranty on all their massage chairs.  See the manufacturer's website for details.

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