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6 Reasons to Choose From These 3 Pedicure Chair Brands

Isaac Smith

6 Reasons to Choose From These 3 Pedicure Chair Brands

To be the best, you need to invest in the best.

That’s why Continuum, J&A, and Whale Spa are our top picks for pedicure chairs.

While we are happy to sell our customers any brand of their choice, these three remain our top picks. But if money’s on your mind - understand that getting one of these chairs doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune!

The best chairs won’t be dirt cheap, but those ultra-cheap ones will have you wishing you didn’t compromise on quality for the sake of a few bucks.

Want to jump ahead and see our customers' pick for best pedicure chair? Just click below.

Best Pedicure Chair For Your Salon - J&A Cleo GX Pedicure Chair

The top brand Pedi chairs can make all the difference in the world, giving your salon the boost it needs with their beauty, quality, service, warranty, and more!

Appearances Matter

Staying on top means looking like you deserve to be there - and no one understands this better than the best in the business.

Top brand Pedi chairs are carefully designed to accommodate quality features while also looking incredible.

why top brand pedi chairs are better

There’s no denying that stunning decor helps capture customers’ hearts. It shows them that you aren’t going to compromise on your salon, and the service is bound to be exceptional.

The best chairs can upgrade the entire ambiance, giving you an edge over your competitors. As they flounder to upgrade their old-fashioned models to ones look and work great, you’re already there!

Quality Assurance - Fewer Business Disruptions

It’s what’s inside that counts.

Looks make a difference, but the quality is just as important, if not more so. After all, what’s the use of a gorgeous chair that just doesn’t work?

An average chair lasts three to four years, while the quality chairs can go on for five to seven -- saving you a pretty penny as time rolls on.

By investing in Whale Spa, J&A, or Continuum, you get great chairs that stand the test of time.

why top brand pedi chairs are better

Splendid Service

No matter the quality, chairs don’t last a lifetime. So as those gorgeous salon chairs grow old, they might need some servicing to continue doing their thing.

Unfortunately, not all companies are great at coming to your rescue. Many take ages to schedule service, while others never actually show up.

Whale Spa, Continuum, and J&A, however, have proven themselves to be different. With a quick response time and quality service, these companies are there for you throughout the lifespan of your chair.

why top brand pedi chairs are better

Best Warranties

Most lower-quality chairs come with complicated and confusing warranties that only cover specific parts.

However, as many consumers know, you can learn a lot about a brand from their warranty policies.

With Whale Spa and J&A, you get a 2-year warranty, while Continuum has a 1-year no-nonsense warranty to help you through thick and thin.

Great coverage means that the product is reliable and that the company has your back.

Hunting for Parts

Quality pedicure chairs are made to last, but sooner or later, you might need a part replaced.

Sadly for many brands, searching for parts isn’t always easy.

Some brands change their chairs each year, discontinuing parts for previous years’ models - almost coaxing you to buy a newer one when a small part malfunctions.

Other lesser-known brands might even end up going out of business, leaving you with no choice but to get rid of that unusable chair.

If the small company is still running, there are other problems to consider.

Because they aren’t established names, their service might be less-than-stellar. So those parts you asked for might take ages to ship, leaving the chair out of work for long periods of time.

By going for the top three names in the industry, you won’t end up pulling your hair out. You’ll get a lot more use out of the chair, and shorter interruptions to your business.

why top brand pedi chairs are better

Quality Control: Tech Stools

Lower-quality tech stools come in many pieces, making assembly confusing.

In a bid to save money on customizing them, many stools come with optional covers to match your Pedi chair instead of being upholstered in the correct color.

Unfortunately, this is just a cost-cutting measure that leaves the consumer to bear the brunt. Not only do the covers look tacky, but they frequently slip off, frustrating your techs and making them less efficient.

Combined with low-quality materials, these stools can be a total embarrassment!

 why top brand pedi chairs are better

On the other hand, the top brands offer complimentary tech stools that perfectly match the pedicure chairs you purchased.

They come assembled, look fantastic, and beautifully complement the ambiance of the salon - no covers needed!

why top brand pedi chairs are better

With so many great features already in place, it’s no wonder that Whale Spa, Continuum, and J&A have many loyal customers. With the promise of quality, service, and class, those brands are definitely the way to go.

So What's The Best Pedicure Chair For Your Salon?

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Best Pedicure Chair For Your Salon - J&A Cleo GX Pedicure Chair

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