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Shipping & Returns

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Our team at Aria Chairs values your time, and we strive to make sure your order is delivered quickly and professionally. Most questions you will have about your purchase will be answered below. If you have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Location-Based Additional Freight Costs

In some cases, shipping may cost more than the price you see and pay on our website. Why does this happen? What are your options if it does? See below for answers.

Freight companies sometimes incur additional costs, because it costs them more to ship to some addresses than others. The reasons vary, but are most often due to remote locations, country roads, high freight tax jurisdictions, residential addresses, etc. When they incur this cost, they pass the burden on to us. 

We won't know if your address is subject to this additional cost until our team starts coordinating your order, after you've paid for it. If you've been in contact with us before placing your order, we may be able to catch it ahead of time.  Our website assumes that your address is not subject to these additional freight costs, and most of the time, that assumption is correct.  Shipping rates listed on our website, and paid at the time of purchase, do not include these additional costs.

For the small percentage of customers that are affected, there are a couple of options.

  1. Ship to another address that isn't subject to such costs: Most often, the additional cost is because the address is difficult to pull a very large truck into - often a building that is, or was previously a residence. In this case, they will have to offload your item(s) and load them onto a smaller truck, causing the expense.  Most of our customers who fall into this category have another, more accessible commercial address. You can simply ship to the alternate address and avoid the cost altogether. Note that in some cases it may be too late to change the address. Some vendors do not allow changes once we submitted the order to their production team. 
  2. Pay the additional approximately $150 (the fee varies). Nobody likes unexpected costs. We understand that. If we could warn you ahead of time, we really would. 

Thank you for understanding.  By ordering with us, you agree to these terms.

Free Shipping

The following applies to all orders that claim free shipping promotions. Our free shipping policy applies only to addresses that are not subject to location-based additional freight costs. Please see above for a description.

To provide free shipping promotions, we have budgeted an amount that works for 95% of our customers.  We would not be able to offer these promotions if we budgeted the amount necessary to ship to all addresses. We try to do right by our customers, and we hope you'll understand if you are in the 5% that is subject to a location-based freight fee. 

So, if there is a location-based additional cost to deliver your item, there are two options, as stated above.  Please see above for descriptions, but in summary, they are:

1. Ship to another address that isn't subject to such costs. 
2. Pay the additional cost.

We appreciate you and your business. By ordering with us, you agree to these terms.


What happens when I order?

When you place your order, you will receive an instant order confirmation tp the email address you used when placing the order. When we receive your order, we will send the information to our fulfillment team for shipment. If you don't receive your confirmation, please check your spam folder.


Please verify that the delivery address you input is accurate and complete. 
Once you submit an order it is not always possible to change the delivery address. Even when it is possible, there may be a charge to do so. This charge is called a reconsignment fee and it is charged by the freight company, and we must in turn charge it to you. The charge ranges from approximately $100 to $250. Please only contact us directly to request such a change, not the freight company. We will then contact the supplier or freight company to see if it is still possible, and invoice you the fee if applicable. 

Freight Delivery Redelivery and Storage Fees:

         If the freight company is unable to contact you for delivery, they may impose redelivery and storage charges. Occasionally, undelivered items           might be returned to the vendor, incurring additional costs. To prevent these fees, actively coordinate with the freight company to set a
         delivery time and ensure you are available to receive it.

Delivery Appointments and Missed Appointments 

Freight companies sometimes call our customers as a courtesy to give advance notice for the delivery. We always ask them to do so. 
However, we can never promise this, and it is never guaranteed. The freight companies never guarantee they will call you for an appointment. Also, due to operational considerations or problems, appointments are missed. While missed appointments are unfortunate, under the Bill of Lading Contracts, a carrier cannot be held to a delivery time and pay for shortage for such failure. In the same way, we cannot be held liable, even if it impacts your business or has any other impact. By ordering with us, you agree to these terms.

Third-Party Compliance Confirmation

We engage a company called NoFraud to approve all transactions. After your order is approved by your credit card company, No Fraud performs a double check to make sure you are the one authorizing the transaction. This is to protect you, our customer, from fraudulent use of your card. No Fraud may send you an email from or to confirm that you authorize the transaction. They may request other information to prove it is you or that the card is connected to you. Please respond to it promptly so that we may process your order as quickly as possible. 

Will I get a tracking number?

Of course! We'll send you tracking information as soon as your order is on the truck. The carrier will have an estimated time of arrival for you. If you don't see your shipment on the carrier's website right away, don't worry. It can take several hours or sometimes longer to go through their system.


Curbside Delivery

Our standard delivery service is curbside delivery, which is the standard in the industry. The truck will bring the chair to your curbside or front door, at their discretion. They will not climb stairs. Furniture items are very heavy, so please make sure you have some help to bring it inside.

How long does my order take to arrive?

Orders are usually shipped from the warehouse within 3-5 business days but this can vary by manufacturer.  Products that are made to order, including all pedicure chairs, can take longer and we will give you an updated timeframe once production has started. Depending on your location, you can expect your order to be delivered within 3-8 business days after it leaves the warehouse.

What should I do when I receive my items?

You'll receive receiving instructions in your order confirmation email. It's very important that you, or anyone who will receive the delivery, reads and follows the instructions.  Otherwise, you may be responsible for damaged items.

Do you ship to Alaska or Hawaii?

Yes, but it will cost more than than stated on our website.  We will need to create a custom quote for you.

International Orders:

We can ship some items internationally.  Please contact us to create a custom quote for you.


We are an authorized dealer for all of the products that we carry, and all of our products come with a full manufacturer's warranty. Please see the manufacturer’s website for details.

Returns & Refunds

Can I cancel an order?

In some cases, but there may be costs. 

Non-Production (non-custom) Orders:

Can only be canceled before the start of order processing. If you cancel the order before processing, you will receive a refund minus the payment processor's charges of 3%. If the order has already started processing or if it has shipped, we will not be able to cancel it.

Custom Orders (also called Production Orders) and Parts:

May not be canceled. Once we submit it to the manufacturer, it is too late. If you decide to cancel, if the manufacturer approves it, you will receive a refund minus a 25% restocking fee that we must pay to the manufacturer. Note that this policy holds even if the expected lead time changes during the production period. For example, let's say we guide you that the expected lead time is three weeks. However, that changes to 6 weeks because, for example, the manufacturer cannot get hold of a part. If you cancel, we will refund minus a 25% restocking fee that we must pay to the vendor. Note too, that guidance about lead times are never guaranteed. We never guarantee a lead time or a delivery date.

Local Regulations

Some municipalities require venting in pedicure chairs or other nail equipment. Similarly, some require plumbing in hair related equipment. These laws vary greatly and they are subject to change. Our manufacturers generally offer the upgrades to comply with these laws, and we are here to help if you have questions. However, it is not within our ability nor is it our responsibility to ensure your order is compliant. Please confirm with local regulations as to whether you need vents or plumbing. 

Our Vendors Determine the Return Conditions and Process

Please be aware that the manufacturer determines return and exchange conditions for our products (also referred to as the Vendor). The manufacturers have the authority to approve or decline returns; our role is primarily coordination.  If they don't authorize a return, it can't be processed. 

We're here to assist!  Manufacturer return policies can differ and may change without prior notice. We recognize that navigating returns can seem intricate. Should you have queries, reach out to us at  

Warranties and Returns Summary

All items become subject to the manufacturer’s warranty, once the delivery bill is signed and items are accepted.  Each manufacturer has its own warranty, but generally they cover manufacturing defects, not damages (see below for damages).

All items are insured when shipped. To claim shipping damages, you must follow our receiving instructions, which will be emailed to you (also below). If you do not follow the instructions and find damages after you accept delivery, all damages will be replaced at your expense.

If you receive a damaged or broken item, we'll make sure you get a replacement or replacement parts of service by the manufacturer. However, you must follow the freight receiving instructions.

If your item is defective when you receive it, it is protected by the manufacturer's warranty. Just let us know and we'll help you initiate the warranty process with the manufacturer.

There's no need to consider returning an item for those reasons.  If you decide you don't like the item, returns are often accepted, with some costs such as restocking and credit card fees. Returns are not accepted on some items such as non-stock items and custom/production items. 

Return Process

  • You must obtain a return merchandise authorization (RMA). Contact us and tell us you'd like to return the item, and let us know why. Returns will not be accepted without an RMA.
  • When you receive your RMA, you will be responsible for carefully packing the item in the original packaging, and shipping the item. It must be received undamaged and in new condition in order for any refund to be processed.
  • You are responsible for making sure the item reaches its destination safely. If you send an item back and we do not receive it, we cannot provide a refund of any amount. We highly recommend delivery confirmation and insuring the item for the full value.
  • There is a 25% restocking fee on all returned items.
  • You will be responsible to pay any return shipping costs. If we shipped the item to you for free, or subsidized the shipping, we will deduct our original cost of shipping from your refund.
  • When your return has been inspected and approved, we will refund your original payment method for the amount paid minus the 25% restocking fee, credit card fees, and our shipping costs.
  • As noted, these rules vary slightly by manufacturer. If you have any questions, just let us know.

Freight Receiving Instructions

Please share the following information with anyone who may receive this shipment.

Please count the boxes and make sure the number matches the delivery slip. Carefully inspect each box - all sides - looking for signs of damage.

You MUST write “Damage” on the freight bill when signing if you are to claim any freight damage.

Please open the boxes immediately and inspect the contents inside and out. Do not use a knife to open packaging - use scissors carefully.  If there are missing or damaged items, we need to know within 24 hours or you will not be protected.

If you DO see any signs of damage and/or missing boxes, follow the instructions below.

If you see SIGNS OF DAMAGE - Sign “DAMAGED” on the freight bill, accept the entire shipment, and contact us immediately. Don't refuse, send back or throw anything away.

Take pictures of all damage from two or more angles before signing. We will need pictures to identify what is damaged to send you the correct replacement parts.

Promptly email the photos to us at

If there are MISSING BOXES - Note the number missing on the bill before signing. Contact us immediately to report it.

Please DO NOT sign the freight slip until everything has been checked.

**If you DO NOT follow these instructions, we will not be responsible for any damages, shortages, or other issues with this delivery. You will become responsible for damage and/or missing pieces.**