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Top 5 Luxury Pedicure Chairs for Your Nail Salon & Spa (2022)

Sue Kuligowski

Top 5 Luxury Pedicure Chairs for Your Nail Salon & Spa (2022)

Top Luxury Pedicure Chairs 2022

Luxury pedicure chairs will enhance your customer’s spa experience beyond the professional care and pampering of the pedicure itself. The fact is: it doesn’t matter how good the rest of your equipment and accessories are if your client is uncomfortable. Also important is your technician’s comfortability to ensure they are positioned (literally) to do their best work.

Pedicures ranked in the top 3 most common services offered at nail salons in the United States in 2019 at 83% with Americans spending on average $48.54 in the chair during that same year. We are experts in helping spa and salon owners select the right luxury pedicure chairs and accessories to enhance your business. 

Choosing the right luxury pedicure chair for your spa or salon is the first step to making sure you are providing your clients the relaxing experience they are looking for.

We’re here to help.

What are the best luxury pedicure chairs?

ANS Pedicure Chair, ARGENTO SE

ANS Pedicure Chair, ARGENTO SE

  • Luxurious design with stainless steel base
  • Low maintenance
  • Made in the USA


Continuum Pedicure Spa Chair, MAESTRO OPUS

Continuum Pedicure Spa Chair, MAESTRO OPUS

  • Contemporary design
  • Multiple wood tone options
  • Made in the USA


J&A Pedicure Spa Chair, LENOX LX

J&A Pedicure Spa Chair, LENOX LX

  • Unique design
  • Hard Roc glass water bowl
  • Slim, trim fiberglass base


Gulfstream Pedicure Chair, LA MARAVILLA

Gulfstream Pedicure Chair, LA MARAVILLA

  • Elegant style
  • Many wood tone/color options
  • IDJet Whirlpool (Magnet) Technology


Whale Spa Pedicure Chair, CRANE

Whale Spa Pedicure Chair, CRANE

  • Classic Style
  • Genuine leather seat
  • Pipeless Magnet Jet


Here’s why these luxury pedicure chairs made our Top 5 List and are must haves for 2022.

1. ANS Pedicure Chair, ARGENTO SE

ANS Pedicure Chair, ARGENTO SE 

Benefits You’ll Love

  • Modern and elegant
  • Durability you can count on thanks to an elegant stainless steel base
  • Sanitary environment for clients and technicians as a result of a built-in ANS Liner Jet cuts down on maintenance
  • Beautiful PU Leather Shiatsu massage chair options are chemical and stain resistant
  • Free matching pedicure stool

If sophistication and function are what you want, the ANS Pedicure Chair, ARGENTO SE offers both. With a stylishly framed stainless steel and fiberglass base and crystal glass sink foot bowl, your chair will be the featured artwork in your nail salon or day spa! This beautiful yet durable chair is stunning and modern.

The pedicure spa includes an adjustable footrest, polished chrome hardware, stainless steel shower hose, built-in LED color therapy light, and free matching stool. An acetone-resistant protective gel-coating guards the spa and sink from rust and corrosion. The impressive ¾-inch thick glass bowls come in champagne, gold, crystal, or nickel.

More than just glamorous, this chair is UL-certified for safety. The ARGENTO SE is equipped with the ANS Liner Jet so you can use disposable liners. The ANS Liner Jet is damage-resistant and requires no plumbing. You’ll find its simple to use and to clean so you can get to your next client safer and faster.

If you’d like to do away with waiting in between pedicures, you can purchase an additional wet end.

Unlike many chairs, everything is pre-installed with essential plumbing and pipe fittings. Simply plug the ANS Pedicure Chair, ARGENTO SE in and connect to your water supply.

Learn more about the ANS Pedicure Chair, ARGENTO SE here.

2. Continuum Pedicure Chair, MAESTRO OPUS

Continuum Pedicure Spa Chair, MAESTRO OPUS 

Benefits You’ll Love

  • Unbeatable comfort thanks to a hand upholstered swivel chair that reclines and includes the Relaxor® heat & massage with remote control
  • Ultimate sanitation due to LED-lit glass bowl with magnetic pipeless jet system: easy cleaning and compatibility with disposable liners
  • Standard client and technician seat controls move the chair back and forth
  • Better client access due to electronically adjustable footrests that place the foot in the most comfortable position for both technician and client
  • Improved air quality as smells and dust are pulled outside as a result of an integrated ventilation system

If you're looking for a contemporary design, the Maestro Opus by Continuum is that and much more. Industrial-grade finishes protect its arched base design and Formica laminate or genuine wood veneers in your choice of contemporary colors.

This sleek swivel chair moves side to side, allowing clients to get in and out easily. The chair itself is hand upholstered in hand-cut premium PU Leather that is acetone-resistant, easy to clean, and maintain. You can choose from a variety of contemporary colors to match your space.

The chair includes integrated lumbar support with forward and backward movement. The seat tilts and reclines for greater comfort. Clients will appreciate the Relaxor® heat & massage.
The Maestro Opus is built on a steel frame supporting the chair and bowl while providing strength and stability (up to 350 lbs.). Removable ABS access panels make maintenance easy.

A large, reinforced, frosted LED-lit glass bowl is easy to sanitize. It holds nearly six gallons of water to deliver a luxurious bath. Also incorporated into the basin is a Magnetic Pipeless Jet System, which is easy to clean and is compatible with disposable liners. The powerful dual stream jet is the ultimate in sanitation because it eliminates the need for internal pipes that recirculate water. The whisper-quiet jet is exceptionally easy to remove.

Technicians can easily adjust the chair tilt and forward/back movement using the handily placed control by the footrest, which is independently adjustable for height. The Maestro Opus also includes a cupholder and a convenient USB port.

Learn more about the Continuum Pedicure Spa Chair, MAESTRO OPUS here.

3. J&A Pedicure Spa Chair, LENOX LX

J&A Pedicure Spa Chair, LENOX LX 

Benefits You’ll Love

  • Built to last in elegant scratch, crack, and stain-resistant 4.5-Gallon Hard Roc Glass Bowl (Borosilicate) in Black Nickel, Champagne Gold, Crystal Reflections
  • Single-hand faucet with dual-function showerhead sprayer in satin chrome finish
  • Added luxury and comfort due to double padded chair headrest your clients will love
  • Available with optional Magnet Jet, AutoFill, Ventilation System, Discharge Pump, Liners

The luxurious Lenox LX Pedicure Spa Chair has a unique blend of comfort and functionality combined into a beautiful chair design.

The Lenox LX was built to make a lasting impression with a beautiful 4.5-gallon Hard Roc glass water bowl. The bowl is crack, stain, and scratch-resistant. This bowl twinkles on its own. You can add LED lights to further mesmerize your clients with calming water and light therapy at their feet! The pedicure bowl is available in Black Nickel, Champagne Gold, or Crystal Reflections.

This chair itself is beautifully upholstered and created with the top, in-demand features, and options. Lenox LX Pedicure Spa Chair features animal cruelty-free Premium Ultra Leather for its chair top. The PU leather is easy to clean and is engineered to withstand stains and endure lots of use. The fabric is available in Black, Chocolate, Terra Red, and Taupe.

Your customers will appreciate sitting in a soft chair as they receive a full-body Shiatsu massage. The technician can easily adjust and position this chair using the built-in chair control without leaving their stool. A massage remote control built into the armrest controls the five Shiatsu massage options as well as recline and forward/backward movement.

Using modern pipeless technology, the Ultrajet Whirlpool works to caress your clients' feet while your technician performs the pedicure. You can upgrade to a Magnet Jet with the added option of using industry-standard sanitary liners in the pedicure sink.

Sleek wooden armrests are finished in a satin cherry raise and will stay raised while your customer sits. Attached to the armrests are convenient folding side manicure tables with built-in cup holders.

The Lenox LX is unique right down to its slim and trim fiberglass base with various color choices.

Learn more about the  J&A Lenox LX here.

4. Gulfstream Pedicure Chair, LA MARAVILLA

Gulfstream Pedicure Chair, LA MARAVILLA 

Benefits You’ll Love

  • Easy to use and clean for the ultimate in sanitary foot spas thanks to IDJet Whirlpool Technology
  • Enhance customer comfort, improve circulation, and reduce stress with a full Shiatsu massage system (rolling, compression, kneading, percussion) with remote
  • Easy to clean acetone-resistant armrests & flip-up manicure trays for max comfort and efficiency
  • Customer-convenient dual-USB and electrical outlet and purse hooks
  • Gorgeous glass water basin in nine color options with integrated footrest
  • Pedicure spa ships with a free, matching technician stool

This chair is all about elegance, glamour, and unmatched sophistication! Your clients will feel Like a Queen sitting atop the Gulfstream La Maravilla Pedicure Spa Chair.

La Maravilla Pedicure Chair is available in two chair options. Both chair styles are comfortably padded and feature a front-mounted Technician Control to move the chair forward or backward without disturbing the client. A massage remote control is conveniently built into the armrest for easy accessibility and durability. And both chairs feature wooden, acetone-resistant armrests and manicure trays. The manicure trays are removable and can be stored on the side of the armrest when not in use. The differences are simply in the color and style preference.

The La Maravilla Spa offers Gulfstream's signature luxuriously large hand-crafted glass bowls, curved wooden base, high-quality massage chair, and IDJet Whirlpool System technology. You'll love how easy it is to remove and clean with its magnetic locking system.

The state-of-the-art shiatsu massage system applies pressure to all the right spots and provides several different functions: compression, kneading, percussion, and rolling. Your client can customize their experience using a hand-held remote.

The curved laminate base is available in Calcutta Marble, Odeon, Equinox, Truffle, Inspiration, Dorato Brown, Gloss Black, or Gloss White. You can further accent the laminate side of this spa thrown with black, gold, white, or silver to create a simply stunning chair base.

La Maravilla holds the following certifications: UL certification, Boston MA Approval, Los Angeles CA Approval, IAPMO certification, which is certified to CSA standards.

Learn more about the  Gulfstream La Maravilla here.

5. Whale Spa Pedicure Chair, CRANE

Whale Spa Pedicure Chair, CRANE 

Benefits You’ll Love

  • Cushy armrests and well-placed cupholder provide unimaginable relaxation and comfort
  • Purses stay clean and are easy to access with a convenient purse hook
  • Genuine Italian leather seats come with a 3-year warranty
  • Engineered for maximum space efficiency and guaranteed to withstand the most demanding use
  • Prevents technician back strain with a sloping front end design

Part of Whale Spa's high-end line of chairs, the Crane is a beautiful choice and a good investment. You can't go wrong with this pedicure chair in your nail salon or luxury spa.

Clients will love how the Crane hugs their body with contoured genuine Italian leather seats. With several standard colors to choose from, you have the option to express your creative style. Made with stunning, full-grain, genuine Italian leather, your chair will not only look and feel great, but the automotive-grade material is resistant to acetone, chemicals, and abrasions so that it will last longer.

The Crane pedicure massage spa chair's unique, gorgeous floral-shaped iridescent "mother of pearl" crystal water bowl with dual LED lights is a showstopper. The powerful pipeless Magnet Jet motor with removable impeller cover also accepts disposable industry standard liners.

The massage chair features a sloping front giving your clients easy access and keeps technicians safe from back strain. Comfortable footrests are adjustable. The technician powers the chair from the footbath with the Technician Power Seat Controller.

Your client will find instant relaxation with the Caresst Massage Mechanism, considered to be the next generation of massage systems.

Other great features include purse hooks built into raiseable, gloss black wooden armrests with foldable manicure trays containing built-in cup holders, a USB port, and a remote control holder.

Learn more about the  Whale Spa Crane here.

With so many great options to choose from, you can see why it’s important to do your research and take your time before deciding what pedicure chair will work for you. It’s exciting, too, to see how far pedicure chairs have come over the years and the continuing advances being made each year in the name of health and beauty. 

With so many models to choose from, shopping for the right fit can be confusing. If you’re in the market for a luxury pedicure chair, we hope our list has helped you to narrow things down.


What is a pedicure chair?

A pedicure chair is a type of seating with an attached soaking basin (or bowl) found in nail salons and spas designed to enable a technician to safely and comfortably perform foot and nail care for a client, including foot exfoliation, hydration, and massage, as well as the shaping and treating of toenails.

How do I choose a luxury pedicure chair?

When choosing a luxury pedicure chair, you should first identify the image and style you hope to present within your salon or spa while also considering a chair that offers high quality and craftsmanship that will last, comfort to both technician and client, useful and fun features and accessories, and safe and sanitary plumbing at a cost you can afford.

What is involved in a luxury pedicure?

A luxury pedicure typically runs between 30 and 90 minutes and involves:

  • A whole-foot treatment (massage, softened paraffin wax, and heated towels to warm and soothe the feet and soften and hydrate the nails)
  • Lower leg and foot exfoliation
  • Nail and cuticle grooming
  • Choice of traditional or gel nail polish

Why Invest in a Luxury Pedicure Chair?

While beauty is often admired and appreciated for what it looks like on the outside, the high-quality mechanics behind your pedicure chair and the added features and accessories your customers will love are what matters when choosing to invest in a quality, luxury pedicure chair built to last for five to seven years (average chairs only last three to four), saving you a pretty penny.