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SalonSafe Nail Salon Ventilation System | Comply with IMC

SalonSafe Nail Salon Ventilation System | Comply with IMC

Make Sure You’re in Compliance with the International Mechanical Code (IMC) using the SalonSafe Nail Salon Ventilation System

SalonSafe Nail Salon Ventilation System

Are you looking for an all-in-one Salon Safe Nail Salon Ventilation System that provides healthy fresh air and complies with the International Mechanical Code (IMC)? Look no further than the SalonSafe Nail Salon Ventilation System, which is whisper quiet, easy to install & maintain, and is compliant with OSHA, ADA, and the International Mechanical Code; it captures contaminates at the source, exhausts the stale air outdoors, and supplies 100% fresh outdoor air.


The International Mechanical Code (IMC) is a model code that concentrates on the safety of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. The IMC protects public health and safety for all building heating, cooling, and ventilation-related design installation and inspection by providing minimum safeguards. The IMC is the most widely used mechanical code in the United States (it has been adopted by many state and local governments) and is the basis for several other countries' mechanical codes. The current version of the IMC is the 2021 edition; the code is updated every three years to include technological advancements and factor in the safest mechanical practices; the next edition of the IMC will be the 2024 edition. 

The International Mechanical Code (IMC) requires that nail salon exhaust systems capture contaminants and odors at their source. The design must be capable of exhausting a minimum of 50cfm per station, prohibiting the recirculation of exhausted air and providing makeup air. The SalonSafe Nail Salon Ventilation System meets all these requirements and it also minimizes your heating and cooling system's energy expenditure, thus promoting energy efficiency, no more huge heating bills in the winter and excessive cooling bills in the summer. It also removes formaldehyde and other nail salon chemical pollutants at the source and doesn't allow them to return. This makes it the ONLY choice for nail salon compliance with the 2021 International Mechanical Code (IMC).

In compliance with the IMC, multiple states and local governments/jurisdictions are adopting ventilation requirements that address the potential health risks from chemical exposure in nail salons. If you are a nail salon owner in New York, you probably know about the regulation adopted by the New York State Department of State that requires all businesses offering nail services to provide ventilation to capture and exhaust harmful contaminates, fumes and particles, away from clients and workers. These standards both govern the primary ventilation system, and require the use of local exhaust systems, also known as source capture ventilation, at each manicure and pedicure station. This is exactly what the SalonSafe Nail Salon Ventilation System does; all you need to do is purchase it, install it, and get your compliance certificate!

As the name implies, the SalonSafe Nail Salon Ventilation System is just that; safe for your salon. This world-class salon safe system was designed by architects and engineers based on their real-world observations of nail salon technicians and owners. It works as a centralized system, has a sleek, compact kit that makes installation a snap, and comes with simple and smart set-up instructions.

How does the SalonSafe Nail Salon Ventilation System Work?

FreshAire ventilation unit

The SalonSafe Ventilation System’s FreshAire ventilation unit handles exhaust and fresh airstreams while moderating temperature extremes and humidity in both summer and winter. It transfers this heat and water vapor from the exhaust air to precondition the fresh air while not mixing the two airstreams. This is important because it minimizes your heating and cooling system's energy expenditure, thus promoting energy efficiency. It also removes formaldehyde and other nail salon chemical pollutants at the source and doesn't allow them to return.

The FreshAire ventilation unit effectively provides high-efficiency heat recovery in a compact, affordable package that can service up to four stations.

What makes the SalonSafe Nail Ventilation System better than other Nail Salon Ventilation Systems?

SalonSafe Nail Ventilation System

While other ventilation systems for salons can be bulky, noisy, expensive, and require frequent maintenance to operate correctly, the SalonSafe Nail Salon Ventilation System is lightweight, produces minimal sound, is energy efficient, and is cost-effective. While other systems may filter the intake air, they typically exhaust that stale air back into the room, violating the International Mechanical Code. The SalonSafe system brings in fresh outdoor air, meeting local building code requirements.

What are the Benefits of the SalonSafe Nail Salon Ventilation System?

  1. Source capture - chemical vapors, contaminants, and debris are captured at the source and passed through a filter before being exhausted outdoors.
  2. Provides Dedicated Outdoor Air - 100% fresh and pre-conditioned outdoor air is brought inside.
  3. No Airstream Mixing or Recirculation - the stale, exhausted air and clean, outdoor airstreams never mix.
  4. Continuous Fresh Airflow - the SalonSafe ventilation system runs continuously during business hours, so it's always exhausting fumes. No more worrying about strong smells or that acrylic smell.
  5. Whisper Quiet - the system is tranquil, ensuring no interference with clients’ relaxation and the salon’s ambiance.
  6. Easy to Install - the SalonSafe ventilation system is easy to install (it can be easily connected to your vented manicure table or pedicure station)
  7. Easy to Maintain - the static plate core needs only annual cleaning and no expensive carbon filtration to monitor or replace.
  8. Architect Designed - the FreshAire ventilation unit has a thoughtful, unobtrusive design with simple lines; it can easily fit in a back room or closet.
  9. Code Compliant - the SalonSafe ventilation system complies with OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), and IMC (International Mechanical Code) salon ventilation requirements right out of the box. It captures contaminants at the source, exhausts the stale air outdoors, supplies 100% fresh outdoor air, and automatically keeps the system balanced.
  10. SalonSafe ventilation system meets ANSI Z9.9 for ventilation systems.
  11. Long Five-Year Warranty

How Many Units can one SalonSafe Ventilation Unit Connect to?

Each unit can be connected to as many as four manicure tables or pedicure chairs: 

SalonSafe Ventilation Unit - Connects Up to Four Manicure Tables or Pedicure Chairs

Can the SalonSafe Nail Ventilation System exhaust more than 50cfm? 

Yes it can, the SalonSafe FreshAire Unit maxes out at 200cfm or 4 manicure/pedicure stations. If fewer manicure/pedicure stations are attached to the system, it has the ability to exhaust more than 50cfm.

How do I Install the SalonSafe Nail Salon Ventilation System?

SalonSafe Ventilation System Installation

Install the SalonSafe Ventilation System in four easy steps:

  1. Locate your FreshAire Unit - The FreshAire Unit can be hung from the ceiling, mounted to a wall, or installed in a back room.
  2. Locate your exhaust and fresh air intakes - Exhaust through the roof or outside wall. Keep the vents at least 10 feet apart and away from other equipment and windows.
  3. Make your Connections - Connect FreshAire Unit to your vented manicure and pedicure stations.
  4. Enjoy fresh, healthy air in your salon - keep your salon fresh, employees healthy, and clients happy!

What does the SalonSafe Nail Salon Ventilation System contain?

The SalonSafe Salon Ventilation System contains the FreshAire ventilation unit kit, which comes with two accessories; a pressure switch and a booster fan.

The FreshAire ventilation unit is durably built; it uses a robust, water-washable, extremely durable polypropylene core that can withstand a wide range of environmental conditions. It has standard MERV 8 spun polyester filters and provides MAX 50 CFM per station.

How do I determine the best location for my FreshAire Unit?

The International Mechanical Code (IMC) does not allow you to filter salon fumes and recirculate that air back into the salon; this is why you need to vent to the outdoors. The unit should be relatively close to an exterior wall to minimize the duct length or hose to the exterior vents.

The fresh air intake must be located approximately 10 feet or more from any window/door or other HVAC equipment and at least 7 feet above the ground, and it should not be installed where noxious gasses from outdoor sources are likely to be present, such as the exhaust of an automobile in a driveway.

These are rules-of-thumb, so be sure to check with your engineer, contractor, or building official for exact requirements.

Which Vented Manicure Tables are compatible with the SalonSafe Ventilation System?

IMC Manicure Tables

Vented manicure tables that have an air ventilation hose with a connection diameter of 3"+ are compatible with SalonSafe Nail Salon Ventilation System. We have several IMC Manicure Tables that meet this criterion. Some of the compatible tables are:

  1. ANS Manicure Nail Table, ION, Opt IMC Vent and ANS Manicure Nail Table, ION, Double, Opt IMC Vent
  2. ANS Manicure Nail Table, Classic SPACE SAVER IMC Vent
  3. ANS Manicure Nail Table, CLASSIC, Double, Opt IMC Vent and ANS Manicure Nail Table, CLASSIC, Opt IMC Vent
  4. LEC MADISON NailSpace Manicure Table + Opt IMC Ventilation
  5. LEC LUMA NailSpace Manicure Table + Opt IMC Ventilation
  6. ANS SANISMART IMC Vent Manicure Nail Table

Will the SalonSafe Ventilation System really save me money on my energy bills?

Yes, ventilating correctly using the Salon Safe ventilation system will save you money on heating and cooling costs. If you simply open a window for fresh air or just have source capture exhaust only, at least two things could go wrong: First, you can’t control which way the air flows or how fast or slow it flows, or even what exactly comes into your salon, such as pollen. Second (and this is important for you as a business owner), the money you’ve already spent to heat or cool the air in the salon is going out the window. 

The SalonSafe Ventilation System controls how much fresh air is coming into your salon and how much stale air is leaving your salon, and you can filter out things you don’t want coming back into your salon, such as pollen. Further, the temperature of the air leaving your salon is recovered by the air coming into your salon, so the cost to adjust the temperature of fresh outdoor air coming in is minimized; no more huge heating bills in the winter and excessive cooling bills in the summer!

Do I have to worry about turning the SalonSafe Nail Ventilation System on and off, or can I set it and forget it?

With the SalonSafe Ventilation System, you can enjoy all the benefits of source capture exhaust and the fresh air without lifting a finger. The system is designed to deliver continuous airflow, for both exhaust and fresh air throughout business hours; simply switch it on and go about your business.

Can I take the Salon Safe Nail Ventilation System with me if I move to a different/new location?

Yes, you can take the SalonSafe Nail Salon Air Ventilation System with you to a new location; the FreshAire Unit Kit is easily transportable.


With the SalonSafe Nail Salon Ventilation System, you can not only ensure that you comply with the IMC, but you can also say goodbye to stale, acrylic, contaminated air and say hello to fresh, clean, and reinvigorating air. To top it all off, the system lives up to its name; it is indeed salon safe. Make sure you are code compliant and grab the SalonSafe Manicure Pedicure Station Ventilation Unit today!

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