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Top Pipeless Pedicure Chairs: The Best of the Best [2021]

Top Pipeless Pedicure Chairs: The Best of the Best [2021]

Jul 27th 2021

Looking to expand or remodel your salon? Opening a new location? Ready to invest in a new pedicure spa? Aria Chairs has composed a short list of the top selling pedicure spa chairs for 2021 based upon market events and manufacturer production ability.  For the most part, buyers are sticking with the tried-and-true brands and reliable equipment.  Check out the following to see which chair fits your needs.  

Top Three Pipeless Pedicure Spas with Massage Chairs

#1 - Whale Spa Victoria II

Whale Spa Victoria II Pipeless Pedicure Spa Chair

At half the price of luxury models, it is no wonder the Whale Spa Victoria II Pedicure Spa Chair made the number one spot on our list of best pedicure spa chairs for 2021.  The below average price means it is budget friendly.  Yet looking closer at the design, you see the luxury-like, diamond stitched, PU vegan leather chair top with full-featured massage, crystal-glass basin with iridescent “mother of pearl” finished surface, and included magnetic jet system. 

  • Large, square and beautiful glass footspa water basin that is thermal shock resistant with LED mood lighting for durability and good looks
  • Diamond quilted acetone/stain-resistant and antimicrobial PU Leather is standard for long life and easy cleaning
  • Chair back includes Select Massage - fully featured programs that knead, tap, and roll for a relaxing massage
  • Includes purse hooks, built-in customer chair controls, adjustable footrest with calf support, and matching technician stool
  • Options include a phone and iPad holder, air vent system, auto-fill, discharge pump, USB plug, and technician seat controller

Of course, there is much more to this chair, so check out the details here, but suffice to say, this is a budget-friendly and sanitary spa that will satisfy your salon for years to come.

Anastasia Totty - Best purchase I could ever make!

My clients love the chair, assembly was very easy, everything was carefully packaged and I got the best price possible!  Thank you for amazing service and beautiful chair! My pedicure services increased but 30 % since everyone wants one now!

#2 - J&A Toepia GX

Toepia GX Luxury Pedicure Spa from J&A

J&A continues to produce top-selling pipeless pedicure spas like the Toepia GX.  For spas looking for an upgrade, the Toepia GX is luxury spa with graceful looks, a glass bowl, PU leather massage chair, and wooden arm rests.  This chair is on SPECIAL through April 2021 to include one of J&A's top selling manicure tables, customer chair, and technician stool.  The Toepia GX Pedicure Spa is fully customizable in color and upgrades to add that extra beauty to your nail salon this year.  So, if you can afford a little extra for your salon or spa, the Toepia GX may be just what you are seeking.

  • Manufactured by an industry leader, J&A, this chair will meet the needs of your smallest to largest customers (250 lb weight limit)
  • Elegant and durable 4.5-Gallon Hard Roc Glass Bowl (Borosilicate) in Black Nickel, Champagne Gold, Crystal Reflections
  • Single hand faucet with dual-function spray/spout in satin chrome finish
  • Available with optional Magnet Jet, AutoFill, Ventilation System, Discharge Pump, Liners
  • Made in the USA

#3 - J&A Cleo GX

Cleo GX Pedicure Spa and Massage Chair from J&A

The J&A Cleo GX pedicure spa chair is counted among the top sellers year after year, and that is no exception now.  How can you go wrong with a tried-and-true favorite?  Repeatedly a winner of the Nails Reader's Choice Awards, the Cleo GX is available in a variety of color options and user-friendly upgrades.  Like the Toepia GX it includes a Hard Roc Glass Bowl, a durable, yet super comfy massage chair, and LED lighting.  Find out how the Cleo GX can light up your nail salon or spa.

Cheryl Flores - Beautiful chair

It's always nerve wracking to make a large purchase like this but customer service providers at Aria chairs made my Purchase so easy and effortless they took care of everything for me my chair is beautiful all of my clients are absolutely loving it. I'm so happy and excited that I decided to make this purchase!!

BONUS: Top Portable Pedicure Spa

Maybe you are not ready to add a plumbed pedicure chair to your salon.  Let Aria Chairs give you the inside scoop on the best selling Portable Pedicure Spa.  This chair looks like the real deal but requires no plumbing.  Whether you are looking to expand your salon services, have limited space, or do not have the budget for a built-in pedicure spa chair, the Whale Spa Pure II Pedicure Chair always comes out a winner.

Pure II Portable Pedicure Spa from Whale Spa

No plumbing required! The water basin is removable and can be filled from a sink. Super easy to clean and sanitize, too. Pedicure tub includes vibration and heat - a truly portable foot spa that will save you space. The water basin casually tucks under the chair when not in use.

  • Portable water basin with vibration and heat closes when not in use for space savings
  • Chair back includes Select Massage - fully featured programs that knead, tap, and roll for a relaxing massage
  • Keep your salon neat with no messy cords, dangling or dropped remotes – the massage controls are built into the armrest
  • Includes fold-able wooden manicure trays, cup holders, purse hooks, and matching technician stool – everything you need to turn a simple pedicure chair into a deluxe one
  • Two-year manufacturer warranty

Soiyasb - What an amazing pedicure chair!

Love, Love, Love! ❤️ This non-plumbed pedicure is the perfect solution if you don’t have a lot of space. The footsie footbath comes with a heat & vibration function, disposable liners and pushes underneath the chair when not in use. The massage function on the chair is wonderful...The black on black design I chose is very sleek and beautiful! The chair is very comfortable as well. And many thanks to Aria Chairs Steve and Mariam for making the purchasing process easy and for answering all my many questions! Great customer service! Minor assembly is required but very easy. I would highly recommend this chair!

The Pure II Portable Pedicure Chair is also available in an exclusive PACKAGE deal (includes a manicure table and additional client seating) from

Best Up-and-Coming Pipeless Pedicure Bench

Artelli Pedicure Bench

What is more modern and organized than a row of perfectly matching pedicure spas in bench style?  Super easy for the customer to enter, clean design lines, opulent glass pedicure basin, and built-in storage drawer, this pedicure bench is a hot purchase.  Then, there are the options!  Choose from five different Wilsonart laminates.  Choose a button-tuft back or flat.  Choose from nineteen different bowl designs and colors.  There are additional mechanical upgrades as well.  The Artelli Bench Pedicure Spa from Alfalfa Nail Supply looks excellent as a single unit but looks incredible when filling the wall with multiple units.  Learn more now.

In Conclusion

Well, there you have it - the 2021 top-selling pedicure spa chairs with features that will stand the test of time, like durable design and neutral colors.  Of course, you can always find brighter colors, fantastical designs, and luxury fluff.  Still, it looks like in the pandemic era, salons are keeping things simple and focusing on livening up their salons in other ways.

At Aria Chairs, we are constantly keeping our online catalog fresh with the best of what is available from the top US manufacturers. On top of this, our Sales Team and Customer Service Team are equipped with extensive product knowledge, industry experience, and big hearts!

Browse our complete collection of pipeless pedicure spas and nail salon furniture from the top U.S. manufacturers, or contact us today for a free consultation.  Our experienced sales team is prepared to assist you through the entire purchase process.