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What Are Pipeless Pedicure Chairs?

What are pipeless pedicure chairs?

Let’s be honest, cleaning sucks.

So, if there is a way to make sanitizing pedicure chairs any easier, I am all for it.

It turns out, that's exactly what pipeless pedicure chairs do.  They save you serious cleaning time, and they're far more sanitary than the old piped jet chairs. Awesome, right?

One of the most common questions we get is, "what are pipeless pedicure chairs?" 

Well, I'm going to answer that question for you right now.

Pipeless Pedicure Chairs

All modern pedicure chairs you'll buy these days are pipeless.Pipeless pedicure chairs - Continuum Echo

Pipeless just means that the whirlpool jet doesn't use any pipes.  

That's not to say they don't need any plumbing - they do!  If you're looking for a pedicure chair without plumbing (no supply or drain) you'll need a "portable" or "no-plumbing" chair.  Click here to find out about non-plumbed or portable chairs.

Old fashioned pedicure chairs had pipes to take water from one side of the bowl and shoot it out the other side.  The problem was that they were next to impossible to sanitize properly.  You had to get long brushes to clean out the pipes between every use, and they were a disgusting, messy trap for bacteria.

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How Does It Work?

The new pipeless jets are essentially little underwater fans.  They sit on the bowl and create a massaging jetstream for your clients' feet.  

Now there's no need for bulky bases around the bowl to cover up the bacteria-filled pipes.  Delightful! 

The only pipes used for these chairs are the ones to hook up the spa to water, so you can fill the bowl, and a drain to empty it.  Simple.  And less pipes means less leaks, clogs, and other maintenance issues.

Here's a photo of Continuum's pipeless jet on their Echo LE Pedicure Chair.

Pipeless pedicure chairs


I don't need to tell you how important sanitization is for your salon, and what kind of fines you can face if those old pipes are found improperly cleaned.  

That's why pipeless jets are so brilliant - they're super easy to clean.

Of course, you'll need to clean and sanitize the bowl as well, but at least now you won't have to get out all those brushes and spend the time on your hands and knees scrubbing the gunk out of the old tubes. 

Pipeless pedicure chairs are quite simple to clean. All you have to do is snap off the removable jets, sanitize them, and put them back on.

With a pipeless pedicure chair, dead skin cells and bacteria are easily removed, keeping germs and bacteria from affecting your next client through contamination of the chair's water system.

The risk of infection is far lower than with traditional pedicure chairs, and the time and effort to prep the chair for the next client is cut dramatically.

Here's a video of a typical jet, how it works and how easy it is to clean.

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Happy Clients and Happy Owners

Pipeless pedicure chairs should be a comfort to both salon owners and their clients.  Your clients shouldn't have to be worried that they might get an infection on their next visit.

In a modern pedicure chair, customers will be able to relax, knowing that they're in safe, clean hands.

No More Noisy Salons

Busy salons don't have to be a hub of whirring noises thanks to these modern chairs.  Since the new jets don't use the old noisy pumps pushing water through all those pipes, they're far quieter.  

The jet's motor is so quiet you can barely hear it. 

Less Maintenance

Since there are less moving parts, and the water never leaves the bowl, there aren't as many things to go wrong with a pipeless pedicure chair.  That means fewer service calls, less trying to find parts, and fewer bills to pay.  And you know that every day you have a chair out of service is a day that's costing you money.


To sum it up, pipeless pedicure chairs have modern jets that don't rely on the old fashioned pipes to create a whirlpool of water.

The benefits of these modern chairs are:

  • Sanitary
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Quiet
  • Peace of mind for your clients
  • Less maintenance


Our customers have a clear favorite.

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