What Is A Magnetic Jet And Why Would I Want To Use One?

What Is A Magnetic Jet And Why Would I Want To Use One?

What is the point of the jets if you can’t use them?

Some salon owners prefer using disposable liners in pedicure bowls to easily keep equipment clean. Disposable liners keep water from ever actually touching the bowl and can make customers feel more comfortable.

That’s great, except that the same liners that cover the bowl also cover the jets that create the whirlpool. Magnetic jets solve this problem.

If you use disposable liners and you still want the whirlpool, you'll need a magnetic jet.

Magnetic Jets

These jets are designed to be placed over the top of liners, which is awesome! They use magnets to clip the jet into place and power the whirlpool.

A magnetic jet is one kind of pipeless jet.  All modern pedicure chairs are pipeless, meaning they don’t use pipes to create the whirlpool effect in the bowl.  They’re much more sanitary and easy to clean than old-fashioned pedicure chairs.  Check out this post for more information on pipeless pedicure chairs.

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magnetic jetHow Does It Work?

The magnetic jet has two components, the jet and the motor, is attached to the outside of the bowl and plugged in.

The inside of the bowl has places for the jets to sit. The jet and motor are connected using magnetic forces, like when you hold two magnets close - they pull themselves together. This connection allows the motor to power the jet. This creates the soothing whirlpool in the bowl, delighting your clients’ feet!

Why Use a Magnetic Jet?

The only reason to use a magnetic jet is if you are using disposable liners when you give pedicures.

If you don't use disposable liners, there's no need for a magnetic jet.

J&A's magnetic jetLike all pipeless jets, magnetic jets are super quiet, easy to clean and much more sanitary than old fashioned pedicure chairs. No listening to loud motors, pumps, or compressors - just relaxing silence.  Ahhh!

Most new pedicure chairs have optional magnetic jets available.  Here’s the magnetic jet on J&A’s beautiful Lenox SE pedicure chair. 

Why Use Disposable Liners?

You and I know you’re going to sanitize your pedicure bowl between every use, right?  So, is it more sanitary to use disposable liners?  Probably not.

If you think about it, the chances that no dirty water ever comes into contact with the bowl are very low, especially since you’ll be emptying the water through the bowl’s drain.

You’ll have to sanitize the bowl anyway, so what’s the point?

J&A Lenox SE w/ available magnetic jet

Perceived cleanliness

If you think about it from your clients’ point of view, how do they know that you’re cleaning and sanitizing your pedicure stations properly?

They don’t.  

They have to trust you.  

So, the liners give them some peace of mind.

NBC News did a story on Luraco’s Magnetic Jets in 2014. Check out what these salon goers said about the system! 



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