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We offer multiple financing options, depending on your needs and the size of the order.

LEC Harmonic Sleep Lounger, MIND-SYNC

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Financing Available

We offer multiple financing options, depending on your needs and the size of the order.

Product Description


  • Intuitive touch screen control system eliminates the need for attendants
  • Adjustable zero gravity recline promotes unprecedented relaxation, recovery, and ability to sleep
  • Four powerful 80 watt per channel transducers create an unprecedented harmonic experience with full spectrum sound waves
  • Six treatment programs targeting stress reduction, enhanced sleep, and restorative meditation (20 to 60 minutes each)
  • Soft start and stop whisper-quiet, UL-listed motors move the chair into variable zero gravity positions for the ultimate stress relief

The Living Earth Crafts' Mind-Sync™ Harmonic Sleep Lounger is an unattended, zero gravity treatment lounger designed to reduce stress and anxiety levels and enhance restorative sleep states.  It includes Vibro-Acoustic sound wave therapy to achieve unprecedented levels of relaxation and theta sleep states in users. Nine beneficial therapy programs focus on the Vagus nerve, which links to the para-sympathetic control system of the heart, lungs, and digestive tract. Full spectrum sound waves resonate through four channel high fidelity transducers mounted strategically in the chair frame to achieve unprecedented levels of stress reduction and cellular level harmonic synchronization.

The Mind-Sync Lounger will prove to be a versatile source of revenue and provide more relaxation experiences for your clients by providing multi-modality revenue generation opportunities for both attended and unattended treatments.

Chair includes:

  • 10” touch screen control system
  • Four (4) 80W full spectrum transducers
  • Premium, noise-cancelling headphones
  • Convenient USB charging port
  • Electronic chair controls imbedded into armrest
  • Soft start and stop whisper-quiet, UL-listed motors
  • Luxurious Comfort-Flex™ double-needle stitched cushions with lush Cloudfill™ polygel

Please note this chair is built-to-order and is hand upholstered by the experts at LEC. 


The Mind-Sync is a General Wellness Device. Not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any illness or disease. The use of this product cannot replace or substitute for the services of a trained medical professional. You should consult a registered health practitioner in all matters relating to physical or mental health, particularly concerning any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention. We make no representations or warranties concerning any treatment, action, or application of the Mind-Sync Lounger by any person other than employees of Earthlite & Living Earth Crafts. Clinically Tested. Mind Sync™ Vibro-Acoustic therapy reduces stress, anxiety and promotes sleep. Over 13 years of clinical studies by independent research institutions including US Military’s Institute of Surgical Research and Thomas Jefferson University (2020) have measured and documented the impressive benefits of Mind-Sync’s vibro-acoustic technology. A study conducted by the US Military on actively deployed medical personnel using Mind-Sync’s guided meditation content showed the following results: 49% reduction in stress 48% improvement in sleep quality 97% improvement in mood 25% reduction in anxiety In addition, a 2011 study by the National Institute for Holistic Addiction Studies (NIFHAS), found a 60-70% reduction in symptoms such as Anxiety, Stress, and Depression after each 24-minute session. These findings were further corroborated by a clinical study conducted by one of the nation’s leading eating disorders centers that showed a 40-60% reduction in Anxiety, Stress, and Depression, post treatment. Finally, a 2020 Study by Thomas Jefferson University documented an impressive improvement in both quantity and quality of sleep in patients suffering from symptoms of Insomnia.


  • Linda Gowenlock, Maj, AN, MSN, ACNS-BC, “The Use of Meditation to Promote Resilience in Deployed Medical Personnel” (2010)
  • S Morse S, Giordano J, Perrine K, Downs BW, Waite RL et al. (2011) “Audio Therapy Significantly Attenuates Aberrant Mood in Residential Patient Addiction Treatment: Putative Activation of Dopaminergic Pathways.
  • "Meso-Limbic Reward Circuitry of Humans.” Journal of Addiction Research & Therapy S3:001 doi:10.4172/2155-6105 S3-001.
  • Study sponsored by Prescription Audio of 66 adolescent and young adults at the Renfrew Center in Coconut Creek, Fl. - G Zabrecky, et al., “An fMRI Study of Effects of Vibroacoustic Stimulation on Functional Connectivity in Patients with Insomnia”, Sleep Disorders, DOI: 10.1155/2020/7846914 2020

Nature's Touch Upholstery Options:

LEC Nature's Touch Upholstery Swatches



Stain and Lacquer Options

LEC Wood Stain Swatches


  • Dimensions: 54 - 63"L x 33"W x 48"H
  • Electrical:  110V
  • Warranty:  Limited Lifetime
  • Certifications: CE Mark


WARNING. This product can expose you to chemicals, including Cumene and Toluene which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to

Available Upgrade Options:

LEC Promessa Upholstery Swatches

Promessa Upholstery: Innovative two-toned pebbled texture with a subtle sheen looks like suade. Highly abrasion resistance and includes inherent EPA-registered antimicrobial technology which inhibits the growth of bacteria and other surface pathogens.

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