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We offer multiple financing options, depending on your needs and the size of the order.

Silhouet-Tone Essential Peel Dual-Voltage Microdermabrasion System, Crystals

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  • Silhouet-Tone Product Options, Diamond Tip Kit (Complete Kit)

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Financing Available

We offer multiple financing options, depending on your needs and the size of the order.


Product Description


  • Turbo flow system - delivers a powerful jet of high-purity corundum crystals while exerting powerful suction to eliminate all residue
  • Uses pharmaceutical grade corundum crystals, with high purity (99.24%) and uniform granulometry (120μ)
  • Disposable crystal canister that is easy to replace (400 g)
  • Crystal free system can be adapted to the device to optimize and expand treatment options
  • Soundproof casing and screen feature’s adjustments


Revitalize your clients’ beauty routine with the Silhouet-Tone Essential Peel Dual-Voltage Microdermabrasion System. The cost-effective Essential Peel Microdermabrasion System is a must-have for beauty professionals, striking the perfect balance between affordability and performance. Fueled by Silhouet-Tone's unique Turbo Flow Projection System, it projects high-purity (99.24%) corundum crystals for deep-tissue exfoliation. Simultaneously, it utilizes powerful suction to banish almost all residues, yielding radiant, renewed skin. The Turbo Flow system projects crystals evenly and securely in a vortex-shaped circular motion, all at a constant velocity, both linearly and in a straight line, causing no discomfort or irritation skin. The turbo flow system also offers total control of abrasion depth thanks to the patented rotary system. It is arguably one of the most comfortable treatments on the market and it delivers instant results with the Turbo Flow system.

The Microdermabrasion System harnesses the power of pharmaceutical-grade corundum crystals, offering purity and uniform granulometry for optimal results. With a turbo flow system, Wi-Fi capability, and a variety of treatment selections, your skincare possibilities are endless. The Silhouet-Tone's user-friendly screen adjustments and handy training videos guide you through each step, while the soundproof casing ensures a serene, spa-like experience. Plus, with a disposable crystal canister and adaptable Crystal Free System, this Microdermabrasion System ensures hygiene and versatility. Harness the power of Silhouet-Tone and elevate your skincare services. This Microdermabrasion System is your ticket to optimized cost/benefit ratio and unprecedented client satisfaction. Experience the revolution of the Microdermabrasion System today.

The Science and Art of Microdermabrasion:


Microdermabrasion treatments accurately targets the stratum corneum, the topmost layer of the epidermis where layers of dead skin lie on top of maturing skin.
The epidermis also harbours fine wrinkles and other minor skin imperfections. Microdermabrasion treatments eliminate or disintegrate the stratum corneum. They enhance its restauration capabilities with new and healthy skin thus improving skin texture and increasing the effectiveness of creams and lotions that find their way more easily down to the lower layers of the skin.

Based on 15 years of microdermabrasion practical experience, Silhouet-Tone strongly believes, that regular treatments influence the way the lower layers of skin grow while triggering and speeding up the rise of healthy skin to the surface.


Most microdermabrasion devices work today with a basic technology that uses a stream effect combined to a vacuum action which creates a dynamic flow similar to a Venturi effect, developed and named after the Italian physicist Giovanni Battista Venturi (1746–1822).
A typical apparatus has three (3) main utilities that work simultaneously to:

  1. Pull and raise a small section of the epidermis that brings skin impurities to the surface
  2. Project a small stream of crystals across the targeted area while simultaneously
  3. Collecting the used crystals and dead skin for disposal.

The Essential Peel Dual-Voltage Microdermabrasion System is one of the most technical and cost-efficient systems on the market.

Results on Forehead:

Fine line smoothing (frown lines) after six (6) treatments at a frequency of once (1) a week.


Results on Cheek:

Pore firming and fine line smoothing (nasolabial fold) after six (6) treatments at a frequency of once (1) a week.



  • Dimensions: 20”L × 19”W × 13”H
  • Weight: 16 lbs.

Available Accessories:


Diamond Tips Set - Make sure you add the Diamond Tips set to complete your purchase! The advanced Essential Peel Dual-Voltage Microdermabrasion System Requires the Diamond Tips set (not included). The Diamond Tips set is compact and easy to use, with ergonomic hand pieces designed for effortless manipulation. The Diamond Tips Set's unique feature of a sealed canister prevents blockages and waste, ensuring your treatments are both efficient and clean. Its 900g container and waste receptacle promise hassle-free maintenance. Plus, with Wi-Fi connectivity and available program updates, you'll always have the latest in skincare technology at your fingertips. Silhouet-Tone, a trusted name in skincare, offers a comprehensive training video and high-quality after-sales service.

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