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SalonSafe Nail Salon Ventilation Kit - Meets IMC Requirements

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Financing Available

We offer multiple financing options, depending on your needs and the size of the order.


Product Description

Nail Salon Safe Infographic


  • Connect four or eight manicure stations, runs without distracting noises, and plugs into a standard electrical outlet
  • Captures harmful chemical vapors at the source while providing fresh, outdoor air with NO airstream mixing or recirculation – balanced HVAC
  • Energy efficient, cost-effective, and easily maintained; filters are easily accessible for cleaning (vacuum or wash)
  • Simple engineering and lightweight design make the system easy to install in a closet, on the wall, or ceiling
  • Complies with IMC, ADA, and OSHA

SalonSafe® is the only nail salon ventilation system designed for nail salons to capture harmful chemical vapors at the source and bring in fresh outdoor air.

Other systems can be bulky, noisy, and expensive and require frequent maintenance to operate correctly. And while they may filter the intake air, these units exhaust that stale air back into the room… a violation of the International Mechanical Code.

With SalonSafe®, you are guaranteed that the bad air goes out while the good air comes in, meeting local building code requirements. SalonSafe produces minimal sound, is energy efficient, and is cost-effective. The lightweight unit is easily installed in a closet and hung on the wall or ceiling.

Connect each unit to as many as four or eight manicure tables or pedicure chairs. Grab the dust and fumes at the source, keeping your salon fresh, employees healthy, and clients happy.

The SalonSafe® Nail Salon Ventilation System provides source capture AND fresh outdoor air in one self-contained unit. How does it do it?

Air ventilation flow

SalonSafe's® FreshAire vent unit handles exhaust and fresh airstreams AND moderates temperature extremes and humidity, whether summer or winter. It transfers this heat and water vapor from the exhaust air to precondition the fresh air while not mixing the two airstreams. Why is this important?

It minimizes your heating and cooling system's energy expenditure, thus promoting energy efficiency. It also removes formaldehyde and other nail salon chemical pollutants at the source and doesn't allow them to return. These factors make SalonSafe's® Ventilation System the ONLY choice for nail salon compliance with the International Mechanical Code.

Building Code Requirements

The International Mechanical Code (IMC) requires that nail salon exhaust systems:

  1. Capture contaminants and odors at their source
  2. Exhaust a minimum of 50cfm per station
  3. Prohibit the recirculation of exhausted air
  4. Provide makeup air

New York State Nail Salon Regulations: This link includes a copy of the “2015 International Mechanical Code” (Publication Date: May 30, 2014, Third Printing), published by the International Code Council, Inc.

Read our blog post about the SalonSafe System.

SalonSafe® FreshAire Ventilation Kit includes (4 Station):

Four station unit with fan

FreshAire Unit: Highly efficient ventilator is UL and ETL listed with a limited 5-year warranty. Fan: In-line centrifugal fan helps move the air along.  Specifications

SalonSafe® FreshAire Ventilation Kit includes (8 Station):

SalonSafe Eight Station Unit

FreshAire Unit: Highly efficient ventilator is UL and ETL listed with a limited 5-year warranty.  Specifications

Additional Information:

Installation Instructions:  Connect to smooth galvanized metal duct. It's important to note that flexible or corrugated duct should not be used, as this type of duct can restrict airflow and reduce performance.

Ceiling Installation Diagram / Floor Installation Diagram

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