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Financing Available

We offer multiple financing options, depending on your needs and the size of the order.

Takara Belmont YUME ESPOIR Shampoo Station

MSRP: $12,900.00
Now: $9,675.00
(You save $3,225.00)
Usually Ships in 4 - 6 Weeks

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Financing Available

We offer multiple financing options, depending on your needs and the size of the order.

Product Description


  • Motorized lift system - has full reclining ability controlled by a one touch reclining technology  
  • Comfortable - ergonomically designed lounge chair with luxurious cushioning for maximum client relaxation  
  • High resilience and durable vinyl upholstery - easy to clean and maintain
  • Functional basin - ventilating valves, easy-to-use faucet fittings layout, temperature control knob, and adjustable showerhead
  • Basin has two head cushions and a neck cushion to comfortably support clients heads 

Takara Belmont Yume Espoir Shampoo Station

Treat your clients to a remarkably luxurious experience with the Takara Belmont Yume Espoir Shampoo Station, which offers unparalleled comfort to clients and exceptional ease of maneuverability to stylists. The Yume Espoir offers world-class functionality that will turn your shampoo bowl into a versatile and multi-functional area guaranteed to create new income possibilities for your salon.   

The Yume Espoir has a motorized lift system with a full reclining ability controlled by a one touch reclining technology; this allows stylists to stand and shampoo or remain seated to perform an extended spa for hair treatment. During the service, customers will comfortably relax in the ergonomically designed and luxuriously cushioned lounge chair while their head is supported by a plush and well-padded neck pillow. The lounge chair is upholstered in high-resilience, durable vinyl that is easy to clean and maintain, making cleaning up after sessions a breeze. 


The Yume Espoir has a highly functional basin; the drainage pipe is equipped with ventilating valves, reducing the unpleasant noise when water drains from the basin, making for a quieter and more relaxing service. It has an easy-to-use faucet fittings layout; the showerhead is located at the center back of the basin, while the water tap and temperature control knob are located with bilateral symmetry inside the basin. With adjustable fine temperature settings during head spa services, this layout is unique to Yume. The showerhead is also adjustable with shower mode and a low splash foaming mode.

The basin has two head cushions and one neck cushion that support the head in three different areas creating the perfect balance for an extended period of treatments. This two-axis design adjusts to the contours of the head and helps every customer maintain ultimate comfort. Both shampoo and head spa services can be provided from the back in a seating style; neck height is fixed at 31.5”, which is ideal for technicians/stylists for a better seating posture. The height of the rear edge of the basin is made low so that the stylist’s elbows will not hit the basin during services. 

An extraordinary shampoo station, the Yume Espoir has a striking ultramodern design and allows stylists to perform lengthy head spa treatments efficiently while their customers experience the deep relaxation they crave. Pair it with the ergonomic, tiltable Yume Espoir stool that's designed to relieve stress on stylists/technician’s spines and other high pressure areas, making them feel more comfortable while performing services.

Included Accessories:


Spa Switch Shampoo Sprayer is designed to specifically work with the 550 "Dial-Flo" single control faucet that has only one moving part. Dial the temperature you like, left for HOT, right for COLD. Turn the water on or off without resetting. 


  • Dimensions:  76"L x 26"W x 37"H
  • Weight:  240 lbs
    • Standard black:  6 - 8 Weeks
    • Custom upholstery:  6 - 11 Weeks
  • Warranty:  1-year

Owner's Manual


Available Upgrade Options:

 Takara Belmont Upgrade Upholstery Color Options

LA Vacuum Breaker

Los Angeles Vacuum Breaker:  Required in some locales.

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