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ANS Pedicure Spa Disposible Liner, Annulus Glass



  • Save money by using molded liners - no need to wait for cleaning/disinfecting procedures
  • Reduces risk of bacterial infection and cross-contamination by creating a fresh environment with each customer
  • Durable plastic creates a barrier between spa and client without discomfort or notice
  • Molded to fit Alfalfa Nail Supply scalloped shaped glass pedicure spas
  • Easily installed, no delays - "Next client, please"

Maintain your investment and you customer's confidence by using disposable liners in your ANS round glass pedispa sink. An easy-to-use hygienic way to keep your pedispa sanitary and free from germs or cross-contamination. Manufactured of durable plastic and designed with ridges to add strength and stability. The sturdy plastic is hardly noticeable once in the pedispa sink, but acts as a protective shield between the pedispa and the client€™s feet, ensuring each spa customer receives a safe, clean pedicure, every time. Saves approximately 10 minutes of disinfecting procedure time between clients by quickly popping in a fresh disposable liner.

Dimensions: 17"L x 18"W x 7"H

Quantity per Case: 100