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ANS Pedicure Spa Disposible Liner, Fiberglass



  • Save money by using molded liners - no need to wait for cleaning/disinfecting procedures
  • Reduces risk of bacterial infection and cross-contamination by creating a fresh environment with each customer
  • Durable plastic creates a barrier between spa and client without discomfort or notice
  • Molded to fit most fiberglass spas
  • Easily installed, no delays - "Next client, please"

Maintain your investment and you customer's confidence by using disposable liners in your ANS Fiberglass pedispa sink. An easy-to-use hygienic way to keep your pedispa sanitary and free from germs or cross-contamination. Manufactured of durable plastic and designed to add strength and stability. Fits most fiberglass pedicure spa basins. The sturdy plastic is hardly noticeable once in the pedispa sink, but acts as a protective shield between the pedispa and the client€™s feet, ensuring each spa customer receives a safe, clean pedicure, every time. Saves approximately 10 minutes of disinfecting procedure time between clients by quickly popping in a fresh disposable liner.

Dimensions: 14"L x 16"W x 8"H

Quantity per Case: 100

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