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We offer multiple financing options, depending on your needs and the size of the order.

Gulfstream Pedicure Chair, LA MIRA SPA

Now: $3,430.00

Financing Available

We offer multiple financing options, depending on your needs and the size of the order.


Product Description


  • Acetone-resistant armrests and manicure trays, integrated on both sides - armrests can be raised up/down, and manicure trays can be folded up/down
  • Massage chair features a full Shiatsu massage system controlled via an armrest embedded remote - includes compression, kneading, percussion, and rolling
  • Versatile, revolutionary, and universal 360-degree Gulfstream integrated footrest - each footrest pad can be lifted, turned, and used in many different positions
  • Durable and impact-resistant acrylic base manufactured from the finest high-gloss and gorgeous hand-crafted glass bowl
  • Has a convenient USB and electrical outlet

Say Hello to the most luxurious, functional, and comfortable Gulfstream pedicure chair yet, the La Mira Pedicure Spa! The La Mira spa chair includes a high-quality massage chair that employs the superior Shiatsu massage system , a durable base, and the easy-to-clean IDJet Whirlpool System guaranteeing your clients a pampered and your technicians a pedicure experience.

The La Mira massage chair features the Gulfstream Shiatsu massage system, which works by emulating the back and spinal care methodologies used by massage and chiropractic professionals all over the world! This effective technique utilizes an S-Track roller system, which is in the shape of the human spine. The S-Track allows the rollers to move up and down the user’s back, following the curvature of the spine. When working up and down the back of the client, the rollers move more forward for the neck and low back regions of the spine and retract a bit in the mid-back and tailbone areas of the spine, making for a more comfortable and relaxing massage. The roller back functions include compression, kneading, percussion, and rolling, which can all be controlled by a hand-held remote, allowing your client to customize their experience. The easy-to-use shiatsu remote control is conveniently embedded in the armrest offering easy access to customers. The La Mira chair has acetone-resistant armrests and manicure trays integrated on both Sides; the armrests can be raised up/down, and manicure trays can be folded up/down. It further has a cup holder and a USB and electrical outlet.

The beautifully contoured La Mira pedicure spa features a handcrafted durable acrylic base that is manufactured from the finest high-gloss and impact-resistant acrylic; as such, it will not require heavy scrubbing while cleaning. It has a gorgeous hand-crafted glass bowl and features the new versatile, revolutionary, and universal 360-degree Gulfstream footrest, which is enhanced for maximum customer satisfaction. Each footrest pad can be lifted, turned, and used in many different positions.


The La Mira pedicure spa chair comes standard with either the Universal Induction (IDJET) or the Waterdance System: The IDJet whirlpool system is a powerful and efficient system that utilizes plastic liners providing a sanitary environment and a complete Whirlpool experience. The IDJet requires no plumbing and is easy to use and clean with its magnetic locking system. Simply pull the wet end off and soak it in sanitizing liquid. No scrubbing or cleaning in hard-to-reach areas. Don't make your customer wait. Purchase an additional wet end so there is no waiting between pedicures. The Waterdance System utilizes spa bowl liners but without the need to purchase additional jets. For each customer, simply peel, stick, and connect the disposable Airpad. The entire process is efficient and sanitary. The Waterdance System also includes the Waterdance heater to maintain ideal water temperature. This unique system, only from Gulfstream, will be a hit with your clients and technicians and keep your salon clean and healthy.


  • Dimensions:
    • Chair Height: 42”
    • Seat Height (with Frame): 9.5”
    • Seat Width (with Trays): 46” Seat (with Arms): 31”
    • Seat Width (without Arms): 22”
    • Base Dimensions: 52”L x 30”W x 16”H 



Acrylic Base Cleaning & Maintenance Instructions


UL Certification; Boston, MA Approval; Los Angeles, CA Approval; IAPMO Certification - Certified To CSA Standards

Upholstery Options:

Upholstery Colors for Pedicure Chair

Acrylic Base Options:

Base Color Options

Bowl Options:

Gulfstream Pedicure Chair Heart Shaped Bowl Options

Optional Upgrades Include:

Air Ventilation System

GULFSTREAM Air Vent System provides room purification, which minimizes inhalation exposure and reduces the health risk to your customers and salon technicians.  Two built-in valves are placed near the footrest and are adjustable to control the volume of ventilation.  This is a must-have add-on for locations that require mechanical source capture exhaust systems to meet local building requirements for nail salons.

Upgrade the footrest to gold

Faucet upgrade to Gold

Footrest and Faucet can be upgraded to gold.

Discharge Pump: If your drain is underground, it is NOT required to have a discharge pump, but if the drain goes into the wall or is above ground, you WILL NEED to request the manufacturer's pre-installed discharge pump.

Backflow Preventer: Please check municipal specific ordinances and local plumbing codes to determine if you need this device.

LED Lighted Base

LED Base Lighting: Turn on LED Light with wireless remote on your spa unit to notify customer which chair is ready.

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